Favorite Find for 2012: Blush

I know I know… I should have finished all my Favorite Finds post last month, but what-do-you-know, something or someone popped out! So I guess I just have to finish all my Favorite Finds this month instead. :p
Today I will be talking about something that I actually didn’t “find” last 2012, as I have discovered this product a few years back but up until now, it’s still my favorite blush. It’s Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush in Fresh Rose.

This is by far my most favorite blush. I have quite a lot of shades in my makeup stash from pinks to corals to plums and even red oranges, however I find myself reaching for a pink blush on a regular basis because it’s the most versatile and most wearable color. It flatters almost every makeup look! And the Maybelline Shine Free Blush in Fresh Rose is the one of the truest pinks I have in my collection. It’s matte and it gives me the perfect “shy” look. My cheeks get the perfect shade that doesn’t overpower my look. It’s perfect for when I’m not wearing too much makeup and I want to look very natural to a smokey look with just a touch of pink on the cheeks.
Best things? The color stays put! I have had my share of blushes that seem to disappear after a few hours. This blush does not! And it stays matte which is perfect for oily-combination skinned women. It’s also affordable and easy to find! 🙂 What more can you ask for right? So yes, even though I didn’t discover this product last year, it’s still my favorite find to date!