Sephora Heated Lash Curler

Hi everyone! First of all, Happy Chinese Year to all my fellow Chinese! :D I'm actually spending it with my family. I was hoping I would have already given birth by this time but I guess the little one doesn't want yet so yes we're still waiting.

So anyways, I wanted to talk about one of the things that I talked about in my 4th Quarter Favorites video- Sephora Heated Lash Curler. I got this last December when my husband went to Shanghai for business. My sweet hubby decided to visit Sephora and picked up this handy tool!

When he gave this to me, he told me that he heard me mention that I wanted a Heated Lash Curler. Well actually I did mention this before but I didn't really feel like I needed it. But anyways, H gave it to me as pasalubong. :)

The kit include the heated lash curler and a brush/comb to clean it. I'll tell you why in a bit. :)

Unlike the usual lash curler, you don't need to "pinch" your lashes anymore to curl it. Think of it as a flat iron or curling iron for your lashes. It's heated so it should actually keep the lashes curled longer. What I do is I start from the base, I hold the curler there for a few seconds around 10 seconds and then hold it onto the mid-section of my lashes for around 5 seconds and finally the tip for around 8 more seconds. This makes sure that each part of my lashes are held up.

Like what I said earlier, it comes with a brush to clean the curler. This is important and I clean it everytime I use it because it says that you have to apply your mascara first before curling the lashes. I don't quite understand the concept why but after applying my mascara, I give it a few seconds before curling- just to give the mascara time to dry.

By the way, the heated lash curler only needs 1 AA battery and it's pretty easy to assemble. You also need to turn it on and wait for a minute or two for it to be warm. So what I do is I turn it on before applying my mascara. Then after which, it's ready to use!

Here's how my lashes look like. Yes I have very sparse and short lashes. :/ Wasn't able to take a "side" photo though. 

And when I got back home, I asked my husband to take a photo. Take note that this was after 12 hours upon application.

Look how curled my lashes are! It's still sky high! I love it! :D

I'm extremely satisfied with this lash curler. I use it all the time! Even though it takes a little bit longer than just curling with an ordinary lash curler, the result is still worth it! I highly recommend this. I can't compare it with other heated lash curlers though because this is the only one I've tried. I would love to test another brand but I now understand what the hype is all about! :)