Favorite Find for 2012: Lip Liner

Let’s talk about lips for a second! One of my favorite, if not my most favorite makeup would have to be lipsticks. And I talked about making lipsticks long lasting here. One of the quickest way is to use a lip liner. So that’s what I want to focus on today.

Definirely one of my favorite discoveries is Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner. I blogged about it here and here. I love that it’s so affordable yet it does the job! One tube is less than P100 and a refill is less than P50!
Don’t shun this lip liner just because of its price. It has never failed me and my lipsticks don’t bleed when I use this lip liner. It’s creamy enough that it doesn’t leave the lips looking “too lined”. I’ve used this prior to applying lipstick, which is the traditional way and also used this after lipstick application, something I learned from a workshop I attended. And both works just fine!
I guess the only down side really is that Etude House doesn’t have a huge lip liner section. They only have 4-5 lip liner shades from the last time I checked. I have almost all the shades just because it’s so affordable and I swear by it. I’ll probably try to search for new lip liners this year just to add to my collection. But if you’re on a budget, this is definitely something you should try! 🙂