Virginia Olsen Minerals Fantasy Holiday Collection Launch

Virginia Olsen Minerals recently launched their Holiday Collection, Fantasy Limited Edition 2012. I, together with other beauty bloggers, were invited to their head office to be able to take a peek of their newest line. Of course I just "needed" to be there. My love for makeup all started because of mineral makeup and finding and getting to know different brands of mineral makeup is truly a treasure hunt. Ever since I got my hands on Virginia Olsen, I knew I found a really good quality brand.

Swatches: (Because we all know that sometimes the colors turn out differently when swatched compared to the colors in the pot.)

 Top: Kyrptonite, Fairydust, Tinkerbelle
Bottom: Stardust, Lovers Moon, Moonlight Star, Crescent Moon
(without flash)

 Top: Kyrptonite, Fairydust, Tinkerbelle
Bottom: Stardust, Lovers Moon, Moonlight Star, Crescent Moon
(with flash)

I decided to take photos of the minerals in the pot as well:

 Top: Fairydust, Stardust, Crescent Moon, Tinkerbelle
Lovers Moon, Moonlight Star, Kryptonite

The colors are iridescent, shimmery minerals. They give you beautiful fairytale like colors. I like it for the center of the lids, I think it would look so gorgeous. In fact I already tried using it and it definitely makes a statement!

And since we were already in the head office, Jirbie and Hazel brought out more makeup! All of the girls swoon when we saw all the minerals! Kanya-kanyang swatch na to! :p



We were all so focused on what we were doing. Here's Aya and myself, looking like we're reviewing for a quiz. Haha!
 Photo from Virginia Olsen's FB

Did you know Virginia Olsen has  its own line of brushes too? They're eco-friendly, vegan and uber-soft! I'll do a review on these too. I've already used some of their brushes in a previous tutorial and all I can say is I'm very very impressed that I kept commenting about it and telling the other beauty bloggers to get the brushes!

I decided to try out some of their products and retouch my makeup:

 Photo from Virginia Olsen's FB

Eye makeup:
Gold Bars, Winter Orchids, Kryptonite

Face makeup:
Light Brown Matte Bronzer for contour
Hide-A-Pore Medium on tzone

Well there were so many products to try out! I'll be doing another blog post on an experiment that Aya and I did. We tried out Virginia Olsen's oil control face products. Well it was actually just Aya. Haha! Will post about that soon!

Jirbie also talked about another product that they're now starting to sell. It's the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer.

Basically, it's a natural treatment for the eyelashes to make them grow faster and thicker. They've shown us several photos of women who have tried using this product and I gotta say, I'm so intrigued! Jirbie says you only need to use it at night and apply it on the lashline. After a month of use, you can already see a significant difference!

Oh I wish I get to try it sometime soon! ;) Yes, Jirbie says it's safe even for pregnant women! And if you've been with me from day 1, you would have known how obsessed I was with my lashes that I used to get them permed every 3 months! :p

Jirbie and Hazel raffled off one bottle and Iya won! Lucky girl! :D

Hint hint! Don't forget to subscribe to Saladbox this December! Virginia Olsen is definitely treating subscribers to a wonderful gift. ;)

We had such a great time! Like what I posted in my Instagram (yellowyum), it's chicas, chikkas and makeup! What more can you ask for? :)

Thank you so much Virginia Olsen Minerals for inviting me! I am so excited to use more of your products! :D

Group photo!
Hazel, Me, Iya, Jirbie, Ayzee, Eyah, Genn, Aya


  1. Nice seeing you there, Char! Excited to use Hide-a-Pore na :D

  2. Nice meeting you there!!! See you again next time! Funny yung pics nyo ni aya.. nagrereview talaga. :)