Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Happy Sunday! Where are you up to today? Whether you'll be with your family, or your friends, I hope that you have a wonderful day! I honestly can't believe it's the BER months already! I found myself singing Christmas carols the other day and my husband looked at me funny. When we got to a mall, we saw some parols and some Santa Claus printed pillows. See? It really is an early Christmas, don't you think? Well I personally can't wait for November (my birthday) and Christmas! Those are my favorite days of the year for obvious reasons. :p

Since it's the BER months, I can't help but remember our anniversary. This October, H and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary as husband and wife. It's so surreal, like it was just a few months ago. Time does fly when you're having fun. I remember when we had to kiss several times during our wedding. It was so nakakahiya because everyone was watching us kiss! I wasn't even able to exfoliate my lips properly!

Now that I already have Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub, I don't have to worry about my lips looking supple and kissable. ;p

The packaging is so adorable! It's sooo cute. It's not too big actually, so it's very handy. You just twist the cap off to open. Don't worry as it has a lid inside so the product won't spill.

It doesn't have any funny smell. It's so easy to use and apply. The scrub also has tiny granules which I'm not sure if they are apricot or walnut. They're very tiny so it doesn't hurt the lips, rather it helps with the scrubbing property.

Here's how I did mine:

 Applied a small amount of the lip scrub on to my finger and used my finger to massage lips in a circular motion.

 I continuously massaged the lip area until I see skin peeling off.
*Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. They're dead skin anyways.

 After massaging the scrub completely, you'll see the scrubbed/peeled skin all over.

 I rinsed my lips with warm water and massaged very gently to remove all the peeled skin and show the newly scrubbed lip.

Tada! Supple and soft looking lips

I have used the product twice and so far I am loving the effect. I could feel that my lips were definitely softer, no more skin hanging on the sides of my lips (There are times when this happens and I tend to bite the skin off.) When I apply lipstick, it glides smoother with less "lip wrinkles". Wish it was a little cheaper though so it can always be part of the budget. :)

I'm definitely ready for some kissing. Are you? ;*


2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers


  1. I just got mine today it seems to work. The smell is ok I can't figure out what kind of smell it is lotion or sunblock :)