Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Hot Passion 305

Hi everyone!

I can't wait for the weekend. I don't know why, but I just do. Haha! Something tells me it's much better than the previous days. Well today I'm going to be talking about one of the products from my recent haul, it's the Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick.

Hot Passion shade

Let me start with the packaging:

It's very chic, very sophisticated looking. I love that they already put a lip color on the bottom of the tube. This makes finding the correct lip color in a dozen of lipsticks much easier. It looks very classy. The only down side is all the stickers. I don't know if its the tube or the stickers, but when I tried removing the stickers (price sticker, etc.), it left this sticky trace and I can't seem to remove it. I'm thinking of using alcohol or acetone but I haven't done that just yet. I wish they put the entire tube in a plastic so that once the plastic is removed, all the stickers would be removed as well.

The shade that I got is Hot Passion. If you have seen the ad of the Lip Perfection lipsticks, this is what Drew Barrymore was wearing. When I swatched their different red lip colors, and this one just spoke to me. Haha! It's bright, but it's still wearable.

I used to be scared of red lip colors because they make my teeth more yellow. That's mainly the reason why I don't have red lipsticks. I have red in my different lip palettes, but that's it. However, ever since I finished my Crest White Strips, I got more confident like I could wear any lip color I want.

The lipstick is soooo pigmented. I needed to use a lip brush just to make sure I don't put too much. What I did was I put on the color on the center of my lips and just spread and blended it with a brush. The consistency is amazing. It glided really smoothly even though I wasn't wearing any lip balm underneath. Color pay off is out of this world!

Wanna know the best part? It's long lasting! I swear! It's one of the most long lasting lipsticks I have ever used. Imagine, I wore this the whole afternoon until midnight and when I got home and washed my face, I used cleansing oil and cold cream to try and remove the lipstick, but it just won't come off. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that I still have a few traces of lip color. I could not believe it.

Staying power is so important to me and Cover Girl's Lip Perfection stays on for so long! This is definitely a winner and I'll probably get more lip shades from the line. Hope it's not limited edition. *crosses fingers*


3 out of 3 Schnauzers


  1. That red lipstick looks so good on you. I haven't worn a red lipstick except for Sophie Martin Russian Red which I've made a review on. But not really something I'd wear very often. I hope this lipstick would work on me too. Ipon-ipon for this one!

  2. Yey thanks! :) I'm glad i gave it justice. Haha! Me too, I don't wear red a lot, but I'm getting the hang of it. I love wearing it when I'm not wearing tons of makeup as it gives the look this sophisticated image. Haha!