LuLu Makeup

Just when you think you've seen it all, here is LuLu Makeup, the real makeup, that will give you reasons to smile and shine. It's the easiest and trendiest ready-to-wear makeup.

Everyone likes to become someone else once in a while... LuLu Makeup brings you a collection of gorgeous looks. It's the makeup for women of all ages and skin.

For the candygirls and girls-next-door, everything we love about being young and being pretty. How we experiment on our mother's makeup and show off our pretty blushed cheeks.

For the yuppies and fashion forward ladies- the all glam look, sexy confident and polished. Sophisticated looking and daring. Suddenly the ground rules are changing.

For the makeup artists and enthusiasts, making the clients look the best that they can be, ever changing themes, pegs and looks. And looking all professional and edgy while at work.

For the hot mommas- relaxed and classic; effortless elegance. Bringing a new maternal meaning to the word fabulous and keeps herself looking and feeling the part.

So bring it and be ready for your closeup with LuLu Makeup, the Real Makeup.

LuLu Makeup is brought to you by:
Char, Justine & Dane Lu
LuLu Makeup:


  1. Yey Char! Looking forward to seeing the products :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations on this!! Exciting!

  3. this brand sounds so exciting ;)

  4. nyay... another brand to look forward to.. would love to see some tutorials with the palettes miss char!

    love your blog


  5. Thank you ladies! You can go ahead and place your orders to get the intro prices. :)