Eyebrow Threading Virgin

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since I last posted an entry. I was swamped! I also went out of town for a much awaited vacation with some friends. I’ll talk about it next time, but we went to Baguio to check out the cool weather and it was soooo nice! :)

I’m here to share with you one thing I was scared to do before but was so curious to try out, and it’s Eyebrow Threading. I went to Laybare Libis for my first time. Aside from waxing services, they also offer threading so I was very excited and anxious at the same time.

What I love most about threading is that I don’t have to pluck ever so often. And the stray hairs are not as visible. With threading, I get clean eyebrows for about a month. Wee!

I took photos during the session to show you girls what happens during threading: (Thanks to Ms. Michelle Taruc for allowing me to take pics and share them with you.)

Step 1: Application of Pertroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is applied so that it wouldn’t be too painful. I think this serves like an ice. Lea, who was my technician, said that the thread slides smoothly with petroleum jelly.

Here’s Lea, prepping the thread! Aaahhh!
  Step 2: Threading starts!

Lea starts threading the stray hair or “kalat”. I didn’t want very thin eyebrows, so I just asked her to remove the small hairs around my eyebrow. She uses a back-and-forth motion with the thread, like a pair of scissors. The x part cuts the hair to the roots.

This procedure is painful, to be honest. And since it was my first time, there was surprise factor. I could not help but shed a tear after the procedure. Lea asked me to tug and pull my lids downwards. This would lessen the pain  and give her room to thread properly. But even though it was painful, it was still tolerable. I already went back for another threading session.

Step 3: Plucking

Sometimes there are small fine hairs that cannot be removed by threading. So Lea plucks those after. She says threading and plucking are better than shaving because when you shave, the hair becomes thicker.

Since I’m used to plucking my eyebrows, this wasn’t so bad nor was it painful. And I think I already felt numb that time because the threading part which was more painful was over.

 Laybare’s Soothing Cream

Step 4: Application of Soothing Cream

Lastly, Lea applied some soothing cream on my lids and eyebrows. This was very nice because it was a little cool and it did soothe my skin. Before application, it felt swollen, but when she applied the cream, my skin felt like it can breathe again. Haha!

top- Before
bottom- After

See the difference?  :) After the procedure, I was asked to check my eyebrows if my technician has to do some adjustments. Then I was advised to not wet the area for 4 hours, just like in waxing.

Overall, even though the procedure was painful, I couldn’t help but think that it’s because it was my first time. True enough, the next time I went for eyebrow threading, I handled it better. I still shed a tear and it still stung, but there was no surprise factor anymore. It’s tolerable and after application of soothing cream, the pain subsides. And I end up with decent looking eyebrows for a month!

Disclaimer: Service given by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.


  1. yay!! i want to try threading however i have low tolerance for pain. :C

  2. I'm kinda iffy if I want my brows threaded. :-/ And I was told that BenchFix has the best threading services but I don't think they apply a soothing cream afterwards.

  3. Thanks!

    Donnarence: You can try taking pain reliever first before your session, that might help. And I think the first time will always hurt, but after that, you get used to it.

    Michelle: I actually a friend who gets her brows threaded from Fix Greenhills. And I actually liker her brow shape. I forgot the girl who used to do her brows, but it starts with an L. Haha! Yeah, I don't think they use cream afterwards. But in my experience, it really helped soothe the area and prevent it from swelling.

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