Pet Peeves on Spa

I'm here to share some of my pet peeves when it comes to finding and choosing a good spa. I have to admit that I am a little picky when it comes to my massages. For me, going to a spa is like going to my sanctuary. Every single detail comes in when I'm relaxing. I try not to be as "maarte" as some, but I can't help but take into consideration some points.

Foot reflexology- I am a foot refloxology addict. I want to get a foot massage almost every single day. It is important for me to get my foot massage. If there is no concentration on the feet, I end up not satisfied with the service. So I would normally get a foot and back massage, or if I get a body massage, I would add foot reflexology to my package.

Silence- It is so important that the whole room is quiet and all I can hear is the soothing music playing. I get irritated when I hear therapists gossiping or I hear a lot of unnecessary noise, when I hear doors opening and closing, I hear plastic wraps. For me, going to a spa means relaxing = being able to hear nothing and think of nothing.

I remember when H and I went for a massage one time and it was a common room and this girl kept talking on her cellphone while having a foot massage; it was like she was all alone! Not caring if there were other people sleeping. I tried not to mind because I didn't want to be mayabang or maarte. And then after 10 minutes or so, the girl was still talking, H asked his therapist to tell the girl to please shut her phone. I was surprised. Apparently, it also irritated him. :p

Hard oh hard- I like hard massages. I don't like prickly tickly kind of massages, so I would normally ask for the therapist who does hard massages. What's quite impressive when I had my last massage was the therapist. Mitch, was consistent from start to finish. It was the first time (I've been getting massages for years now) that I had a therapist who was consistent in giving hard-pressure massage. It was amazing and really really impressive!

Aroma- There's what we call aromatherapy and I am no stranger to that. I am also particular with the smell. Even though this is not a major criteria for me, it's definitely a plus when the whole spa smells like eucalyptus or lavender or something really relaxing like chamomile. I love the scent of a spa. I think that all our senses open up when we're in a spa. Your sense of smell, it helps you relax. It triggers a part of the brain that soothes and calms you.

So far those are my pet peeves and the most important factors that I look for when I go to a spa. Hmm... I can't wait for my next massage. Haha! How about you? Do you have pet peeves like me? Do share!