Allergy Attack!

In my previous post, I’ve talked about eating at Nihonbashi Tei Restaurant and I ate Ebi Tempura Maki.

Before continuing my story, I have to share that I don’t get allergies when I eat Ebi Tempura. My husband says he thinks that I’m allergic to the “vein” of the shrimp (which is the spinal cord). And for ebi tempura, the way it’s cooked is it’s deveined. But for other shrimp recipes, they don’t remove the vein anymore.

So I figured the maki is ebi tempura, maybe I can eat it. I ate just 1 pc. 1 pc only! And guess what happened… yes, my allergies attacked after an hour or so. I didn’t even know it was allergies at first. I thought I was just itchy and then the red bumps appeared and I was itchy all over.


My ear swelled up, my neck was covered with rashes, my arm too. I immediately drank 2 pcs of anti-histamine and slept it off. Hay. Moral lesson= I won’t eat another pc of shrimp again. ;/ It’s just such a big hassle!