Odd Mood

It’s been quite a hectic week as I’ve mentioned before. With the finishing touches of the condo unit in Makati, and the new branch of ShopSui at Teen Zone in Glorietta 3, I’m kinda feeling harassed all the time. It got to me recently, all the stress and tasks I had to do and gave me breakouts! Luckily I found time to go get a facial and to get a nice massage.

Still I feel bottled inside. I don’t know why. It’s like even when I’m just home, I feel pressure. I feel tired. I feel like there’s still a lot of things to do. I think it’s also because I know that my husband feels the same. And now that we’re married, it’s so easy to have the same aura and mood. That’s also why I’m excited for our business trip this month end. I know that it’s a business trip and not a vacation, but I feel like we need this. We need time away from everything, work, our stores, everything. He even mentioned he was excited too.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the mood, stress. I honestly don’t know what I need. I want some form of vacation from everything. Has that ever happened to you? I think it’s normal. It’s just a phase. I just want to get back on track.

One thing makes me happy though. Seeing the condo unit finished, polished and looking really quaint. I know we’ve worked our asses of to finish and make it look more presentable unlike how it was turned over to us, furnished but bare, no life. I’m happy that now, when I look at the photos of the room, it makes me proud. It gets me excited. It makes me wonder who will be living there. And what kind of people they are, or what they do. 

Well like they say, take it one step at a time. Everything will fall into place.


  1. awww, its ok, we will definitely have this sort of feelings at some point of our lives because we've been doing so much!

    Girl, you're right, seeing your own "unit" makes you really happy and congrats :D

  2. Thanks Nikki. Appreciate it. :) Yeah I know everyone goes through those weird depressed feelings. Just want to get back into shape now. But I'm feeling much better now.