Fanny Serrano Artist Box

I’ve already used my Fanny Serrano Artist  Box blush palette in so many entries that I’ve posted in my blog because for me, it’s one of my best buys. I like that it’s not too expensive plus I get wearable and flattering shades!

I think it’s better to see for yourself:

Around P1200.00 I think when I got it.

With flash

Yeah there’s already some cracks, since I’ve had this for about a year now or two. Haha!

without flash

So yeah, I’ve had this palette for so long now and since it’s quite pigmented, I haven’t finished it yet. This palette reminds me of the blush palette of Coastal Scents. But I think I’m really contented with this palette for it has all the shades I need. I don’t see anything wrong with it any problem at all. So I am in love with it. And I use it a lot!

Now actually, I’ve been very intrigued with cream blushes and am planning to try and use one, just to try it. :p Any suggestions?