Happy Wealthy Spa

I am quite giddy. Last week was good. Attended a party in the morning, ate some goody cupcakes, went to SSJ in GH, and finally went and got my pinakaaasam-asam massage! So I think it's time to share my experience with the world... or at least to my readers.

One of my favorites when it comes to affordability and really good massages is Happy Wealthy Spa. Talk about convenience, it's quite near our place in Ortigas, so double points for that. The services are reasonably priced. 1 hour foot and back for P350, 1 hour and 20 minutes for P400 (which I usually get), 2 hours for P600 (which I'm dying to get!)

I got the 1 hour and 20 minutes package. So as I wait for my place, they always serve hot tea while waiting. They have cubicles and not rooms, which some might not like, since you get to hear the chopping sound of the therapist right next to your cubicle. Or you might hear some customers talking while you're trying to sleep. They have 2 private rooms though, one is a couple's room, meaning there are 2 lazy boys. And the other, good for families, 3 to 4. I've tried their private rooms before when I went there to get my massage with O. I've also tried the cubicles.

This time, I was assisted to a cubicle and asked me to change to shorts. You see, this is the only down side for me. They do dry massage on your back. If you've been reading my entries about my massages, I love love love love oil massages and really dislike dry ones. I just find it eeky and it hurts because the clothes rub on my skin.

The massage starts with the foot spa and head massage. It wasn't hard and it wasn't soft, which is just perfect. The stress was instantly starting to decrease, thanks to Lorna's (the therapist) technique. Afterwards, she moves to the arms. This was the part when I dozed off. Haha! I know... it was premature dozing off. It just showed how stressed and tired I was. Later, was my favorite favorite part! Foot massage!!!!! It was Thai massage which I really like. I think I've only told Lorna to make the pressure harder just once, and she got it perfectly. The foot massage was terrific, I slept for the most part. Next was my back massage. Liked it? Not so much, because it was dry. :( Boo! I asked my therapist to go back to my head since my head was spinning and I really needed more massage. And she did.

I slept right after and I think took a nap for about 20-30 minutes. Haha! :) That was how good it was!!! After that, I left Happy Wealthy feeling relaxed and well... happy! :)

Happy Wealthy Spa
Unit 131-133 Julia Vargas Square
Julia Vargas cor Meralco Ave.,

Open: Monday to Sunday
1:30 - 11:30pm