Massage, Anyone?

One of my favorite things in the world is getting massages! I’ve had the opportunity to visit several spas, but since I’m a very practical person, I try to go to spas with reasonable and affordable rates. I remember back when I was younger, we used to have a therapist come to our house for massages. Then I was reintroduced by my dad to spas. Now, I usually go to massages when I’m stressed and when my body is killing me. It’s really different; having your massage in a spa than your home. I find it more relaxing. I guess because it’s a really soothing environment and there’s aroma of the oils being used. Plus the fact that it’s more quiet! Spas are my sanctuary!

I often go to spas with H. And one of our all time favorites is Family Health Spa in Tomas Morato. It’s really far from our place, but when we feel that we really need a good quality massage, we go to Family. Family Health Spa offers a clean space, from common rooms to private rooms. We always get the private room. It’s complete with a television, lazy boy which can be reclined for the back massage. They offer iced tea or coffee and lend clients a robe and shorts. We always get their signature foot and back massage. I’m a foot massage fan and H loves back massages! The foot and back massage combo is P550.00 and lasts for about 1.5 hours. They let you rest for a few minutes after if you want to sleep or watch tv. The therapist also have their uniforms and have their hair tied up in a bun and put mask on when they do treatments.

They start with the foot massage. I always end up dozing off with the foot massage. They also use a wooden instrument to push the circulation of blood. For the back massage, they ask whether to use mineral oil or eucalyptus oil. I get the eucalyptus one coz I love the minty effect. Even though it’s foot and back massage, they still massage the arms and legs, which is great! I really love the fact that they can give you soft to hard massage. Some of the spas I’ve visited before doesn’t compare to the quality of the massage of Family.

Family Health Spa is indeed one of the most affordable spas. To use their sauna and steam bath, you simply add a few bucks. This spa is great for those who are on the go; or like me, those people who will be visiting the spa with companions who don’t like wet floor that much (usually men don’t enjoy the wet floor, I wonder why. :p).

I’ll be sharing another spa that I truly recommend when you’re out with the girls! 🙂 Stay tuned!

Family Health Spa
2nd Level, Tomas Morato Plaza, Tomas Morato cor. Roces Ave., Quezon City
Phone nos. 926-9322