About Yellow Yum

You've entered my new blog, Yellow Yum. I'm reposting my last entry from my old blogStilettos to Sweets.

As Taylor Swift said, "let's try this again, shall we?" :p It's been a year or two?! since I last posted an entry. But after reading endless blogs, I got inspired once again to continue blogging.

I bid goodbye to Stilettos to Sweets (S2S) and hello to my new blog, yellowyum.com

Yellow Yum was created to share my thoughts, experiences, give tips, advices, raves and rants about anything in my life. I babble about beauty, motherhood, food, travel and more. Get to know me, Charand all about my journey and experiences.

Yellow Yum welcomes guest writers as well, so if you'd like to share some ideas, go ahead and let me know. Feel free to comment on the entries as well.

Who is the author?
Yellow Yum is owned by Char. I'm from the Philippines. I'm an entrepreneur, a professional makeup artist, a blogger and lifestyle blogger, a wife and a mother. I believe that beauty is from within and I try to bring it out during makeovers and my makeup projects. I have a lot of interests and this blog represents all of them.

Why Yellow Yum?
Yellow Yum because I have always loved yellow. It's my favorite color. And Yum because my husband calls me "yum". :) Cheezy noh?

More fun with Yellow Yum!

I'm now on Youtube. I make beauty videos, mommy videos and I also vlog. Please don't forget to subscribe! And since I am a new mom, I have created a new section here in my blog called YellowMum.

Plus I was also able to import my entries from Stilettos to Sweets. So go ahead and read it here!

So enough about the intro and let's start blogging! :D

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