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You’ve entered my new blog, Yellow Yum. I’m reposting my last entry from my old blog, Stilettos to Sweets. As I bid goodbye to Stilettos to Sweets (S2S), I am so excited to finally find my home, here on yellowyum.com.

Yellow Yum was created to share my thoughts, experiences, give tips, raves and rants about anything in my life. I tackle beauty, motherhood, food, travel and so much more. Get to know me, Char, and all about my journey and experiences.

About Me and my Blog

I’m Char. Just like anybody else, I am a lot of things. I’m an entrepreneur, a wife,  a mother of an active toddler, a professional makeup artist, a beauty and lifestyle blogger and a Youtuber. I know that a modern woman wears a lot of hats and my blog is a peek at a modern woman’s life. I babble about beauty, motherhood, food, travel and a whole lot more.

My blog is created to document my interests and it’s also created for the purpose of inspiring and helping other people to enjoy life and everything that it’s got to offer!

Who is the author?

Yellow Yum is owned by Char. I’m from the Philippines. I have a lot of interests and this blog represents all of them. As a makeup artist, I saw what makeup can do to a person, not only physically but most importantly, how it lifts up one’s confidence and make a person feel good about themselves. I learned that sharing my knowledge is my way of encouraging my followers and letting them know that real beauty comes from within and it naturally radiates out.

Why Yellow Yum?

Yellow Yum because I have always loved yellow. It’s my favorite color. And Yum because my husband calls me “yum”. 🙂 Cheezy, I know.


So enough about the intro and let’s start blogging! 😀 Plus I was also able to import my entries from Stilettos to Sweets. So go ahead and read it here!

If you’d like to contact me, please click here.

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