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Confidence is one thing that everyone should have but in reality, there are people who struggle with their confidence. I myself have always thought that there are things I'm just not good at. I shy away and sometimes feel insecure when I think about it. So what happens is I usually set those things aside and focus on the ones I'm already familiar and comfortable with. However, I learned to realize that I cannot hinder myself from learning and growing.

Maybelline New York's motto, Make It Happen, reminds us to always believe in ourselves and to be active and reach our goals and dreams.

One thing I have struggled with was my ability to share my emotions. I thought that showing your true feelings is a sign of weakness and I didn't want to look weak. However, I learned to trust my gut, do more and try. I started vlogging. I started sharing a more personal side of me to my audience. I have been blogging for almost 10 years and this was the next step for me. And it looked like my audience appreciated it.

I overcame that fear and this way, I am able to show the true me, the real me. I made it happen one vlog at a time. :)

Another lady who made it happen? None other than Manila’s IT-girl and Maybelline girl Liza Soberano, who surprised her fans in an exclusive meet-and-greet activity at SM North EDSA by disguising herself as a Maybelline beauty advisor.

During the #MakeItHappenwithLiza event, Liza gracefully entertained and interacted with unsuspecting customers who were browsing the Maybelline counter while waiting for her on stage. Liza took on the role of being a Maybelline Beauty Advisor, allowing her to face customers, give them beauty advices, and recommend the right Maybelline products perfect for their needs. Two lucky girls where given the opportunity to know the perfect confidence booster straight from Liza herself. 

When asked about her experience as a Maybelline Beauty Advisor, Liza shared, “It was actually really fun! I loved it most when I gave beauty advices to the customers. It was such an empowering feeling! It truly validates how much Maybelline helps Filipinas to be empowered through beauty.” She added, "First, to be empowered means to feel confident and comfortable with who you are. And how to do that? Acknowledge your flaws and improve from there, some little help from a good set of people around you would help heaps, and, of course, a dash of makeup wouldn’t hurt!” Liza then shared one of her Maybelline favorites – “My personal favorite is Maybelline’s Clearsmooth All in One powder foundation because it gives me that flawless, shine-free, natural makeup look that’s perfect for everyday use. For example, ako, when I go off-cam, it gives me the boost of confidence I need kahit na parang no-makeup look lang ang peg. I love how it’s super perfect for the Filipina skin so that’s why every Filipina should try it.”

I know a lot of young girls look up to Liza. I find her so beautiful as well. We can all achieve the naturally beautiful look and get shine-free, flawless coverage that’s perfect for the Filipina skin with Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation. Created to be 2X lightweight in order to have you look and feel naturally beautiful – it’s as if you’re not wearing makeup! It is available in 4 shades and dermatologically tested.  Be confident as ever, just like Liza, with Clearsmooth All in One!

Let's talk some good news! I'm giving away one lucky follower a limited Liza makeup pouch and Clearsmooth All in One Powder!

Don't worry it's sooo easy!

  1. Post your most beautiful selfie!
  2. In the caption, share how Maybelline has helped you gain that confidence and make things happen.
  3. Tag @yellowyum, @welovemaybelline and use these hashtags: #MakeItHappenWithLiza #MakeItHappenWithYellowYum
* Don't forget to make sure that your Instagram is set to public. :)
* Winner will claim their prize at Rockwell, Makati

You can also purchase the Clearsmooth All in One powder foundation for as low as Php149 in all designated Maybelline counters nationwide. :)
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