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As a mom and homemaker, I am in charge of choosing the best deals for my family, whether it be for our food, house goods, entertainment; basically all of our needs and wants. I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to score discounts and great bargains for things they purchase, especially for online shopping, so I’m glad I discovered ShopBack.

It helps find best deals on 300+ stores and as the name suggests, gives cash back or rebates! When we shop through ShopBack, they give us a portion of our purchase back. Merchants such as Lazada, Zalora, Agoda and others give commission to ShopBack and in turn, ShopBack forwards it as rewards to us! Isn’t that generous?

Shopping online has become a really convenient way of shopping. One of the shops you can check out is where you can get 2% cash back! I honestly haven’t heard of this shop before. That’s why I like ShopBack. Browsing through the site, I get to discover new online shops and see the deals that they’ve got.

There’s also Lazada with 4% cashback on top of their discounts and vouchers. I’m sure you are already familiar with it and perhaps, some of you may have even already shopped from them. Things like gadgets bought through ShopBack will have a really big discount!

If you want an alternative, there’s also Takatack which gives 4% rebate. They also have a wide range of categories and my favourite is the Kids’ Toys. I don’t like buying expensive toys for Robyn because let’s face it, kids will throw them around without thinking about the price tag. So earning cash while shopping sounds good to me.

Did I mention that the cash back or rebate is coupled with the merchant’s discounts. This basically means, you get more cash at the end of the day. ☺

Intrigued yet? Well, it’s so easy to sign up!

Christmas is coming soon and it’s time to prepare gifts for our family members and friends. Ordering things online is so much easier and cheaper than going out to shop! Head on to ShopBack’s Christmas Sales page to keep updated on their promotions.

It’s so easy to start shopping and earning rebate. I highly suggest you check out ShopBack and enjoy shopping without worrying about spending too much.


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