Nivea Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes Review

My mom always said “Never sleep with makeup on.” I started wearing makeup for performances way way back and because I was always performing in high school, that’s when I started “liking” makeup. There wasn’t lot of makeup removers then or so I thought.
Now that I’m older, I can still hear my mom in my head. “Remove your makeup before you go to bed.” So indeed, I never sleep with any trace of makeup on. I always make sure that my face is clean before calling it a day. But lately, because of so many things to do, I sometimes hate my “makeup removing routine”. Rinse + cleansing oil + facial wash with a facial brush + rinse off. There are times I just want to lay down and just sleep. So I tried searching for facial wipes that can do the job well.
I heard about Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes from fellow beauty bloggers and thought that this was something new and interesting. I have never heard about exfoliating makeup wipes so obviously, it intrigued me enough to make me purchase a bag for myself. I got it for around P140-P150 (forgot how much exactly) and initially just kept it in my makeup drawer. Simply because if I could, I would do my makeup removing routine; Rinse + cleansing oil + facial wash with a facial brush + rinse off. 
What’s interesting about these wipes is that it has an exfoliating side and a smooth side. The exfoliating side has dots and is textured to help with the exfoliating process and the other side has a smoother flat texture.
It’s infused with magnolia extract which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and they said that this is really suited for those with oily skin. Although I think even dry and normal skin people can use this too because well, everybody need to remove their makeup and also need to exfoliate right?
I simply wipe my makeup off with the smoother side first before using the exfoliating side. And after wiping off my makeup, my face feels really clean as if I have already washed it with my face wash. Lazy and tiring days tempt me to skip all my face cleaning steps because this just works wonderfully! 
For me, personally, I still put a little bit of eye makeup remover on the wipe to remove my eye makeup because I use a lot of waterproof eye makeup and I feel like the wipe isn’t enough. Take note, I use the smoother side for my eye makeup. I can’t imagine exfoliating my lids! Aaakk! And as for my face makeup, it actually deeply cleanses and removes it instantly. I just like exfoliating too because I feel like it really gets in there and removes everything! 

Just take note to exfoliate and wipe gently as the beads may hurt a bit if you put too much pressure okay? Slow and gentle, dears! 🙂

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