I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

Hi, I'm Char and I want to be a Sample Room Beauty Insider  because I believe that each and every one of us has the right to feel beautiful. Being a blogger and content creator has helped me reach out to more and more people, helping them realize that they are indeed, beautiful. 

Being part of Sample Room has given me opportunities to test more products that I can recommend to my followers and to reach out to a bigger audience as well. It has been an amazing journey with Sample Room and to continue this wonderful relationship would be such a blessing!

my latest sample from Sample Room

If you also want to try your luck, here's how it works:

Did I mention that it's so much fun being with my Sample Roommies? :D

during the Sample Room launch
(Posting about this soon)

I gotta admit that I also like that I was able to test so many products without breaking the bank. I'm a very practical person and now that I have a 3 year old who's already going to school, I have been more observant and smart about things that I buy. Being able to grab samples first before actually buying a big/regular size product, saves me from my cognitive dissonance and saves me from spending my money on a "not-worthy" product.

I've already purchased several products, regular sized ones, because of Sample Room samples. And I have also realized that some products weren't meant for me, hence, saving my cash and not having to throw away any unwanted products. If you're like me and you aren't so keen on spending your hard earned money on something that you're not yet sure of, you really gotta sign up and take advantage of Sample Room! :) I swear, you won't regret it! ;)

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