New Dishes at Slappy Cakes!

If there's one thing that my family agrees on spending on, it's food. Food is love. So I'm always eager to try out new restaurants.

Just recently, I was invited to Slappy Cakes. I've seen it so many times and I remember when they first opened, it was so packed all the time. They're well known for their pancakes but did you know that they also have other dishes other than their scrumptious pancakes?

I was able to try these dishes.

 Caesar Salad with Ginger Aioli P380.00
lettuce, bacon, shrimp, croutons, parmesan, ginger aioli and egg

 Mango Ponzu Salad P290
romaine lettuce, mango, soy-lime vinaigrette, cucumber, red bellpepper, shallots

I actually don't eat that much salads other than Classic Caesar Salad. I guess I'm pretty picky when it comes to sauces. But these salads were good. I liked the Caesar Salad with Ginger Aioli better but that's just me, as I said I prefer Caesar dressing. I appreciate that they gave their salads a nice twist. Imagine, salad with ginger and egg? ;p

 Sausage Breakfast Skillet P300
homemade sausage, pomodoro sauce, parmesan, egg and toast

If you like tomato based sauce and cheese, you'll surely enjoy this. It reminds me of pasta sauces with the meatballs and the parmesan. The sausage were tasty although I thought that it was a little too small. The dish was also a tad salty when I tried it. The tomatoes save it though because of the flavor.

 Carbonara Roll-Up P400
lasagna, carbonara sauce, tomato, cheese, egg and bacon

Probably my most favorite dish. The lasagna was just divine. It was my first time to actually try a carbonara lasagna, beacause usually it's tomato based. But this just worked. The sauce was just perfect. The lasagna was also perfectly cooked. As you can see, it's a big dish so it's best for sharing. I think you get your money's worth when you order this.

 Smoked Tuna

Unfortunately, I forgot the exact name of this but it's smoked tuna sandwich with guacamole and mayo sauce. The tuna was fresh although the dish itself lacked pizzazz and oomph. It wasn't that unforgettable, at least for me.

 DIY Skillet
Roast Beef Belly P450

Another favorite out of the bunch was the DIY Skillet! We were able to try the Roast Beef Belly and oh my gosh, it melts in your mouth! I had to ask for extra gravy just because I like it like that. Haha! But it was really good!!!! I know my husband will enjoy this dish. The only thing is that it's a "good for 1 serving". It's very petite so you won't be able to share it unless you order other food as well.

You can also try:
Chicken Steak P320
Wagyu Burger and Egg P380
Pork Belly P360

Mushroom Gravy
Salisbury Sauce
Garlic Adobo Sauce
Hickory Sauce

Steamed Rice
Garlic Rice
Mashed Potatoes
Slappy Potatoes

 DIY Pancakes with Chocolate and Banana

And because Robyn came with me, I ordered pancakes for her. Usually, you can actually cook your pancakes yourself. But during the event, we just chose to have it cooked in their kitchen. Slappy Cakes Pancakes are really moist and soft. I used to make pancakes at home using the store-bought pancake mix and let me tell you, this doesn't even come close! They have other combinations as well and this is definitely something that kids will surely love!

I saw this huge poster on their wall and being a chocoholic, I just gotta order!

I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Worth the calorie!!! If you're a chocoholic like myself, this is a must order!!!

Then lastly, it was time for dessert.

 Grasshopper Pie P280
chocolate tart, chocolate ganache, white chocolate, caramel sauce, mint chocolate chip ice cream

Again if you're in love with chocolate, you will definitely enjoy Grasshopper Pie. I personally feel like it's good for sharing. The chocolate ganache was really really good and the mint chocolate chip ice cream simply balances all the sweetness going on. It's a really good ending for a happy meal.

Caramel Lava Cake P270 
lava cake, candied walnut, apple compote, caramel sauce, chocolate ice cream

Now because I already had a chocolate milk shake, the Caramel Lava Cake became my dessert of choice. It was definitely lighter than the Grasshopper Pie. the apple compote gave the dish a slightly citrusy taste and the candied walnuts were really yummy. The chocolate ice cream wasn't uber sweet too. For me, I loved this just because it was a light dessert that doesn't disturb everything that you just ate.

Ever since giving birth, I'm always on the look out for child friendly and family friendly restaurants and Slappy Cakes is definitely one of those! It's not intimidating and it's also a perfect place for friends to reunite and hang out.

 Thanks Gwen! :)

Robyn and I both enjoyed our Slappy Cakes date! :D

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