LUX Soft Touch Review & Giveaway!

After attending the Busy Days Deserve LUX Nights event a couple month back, I found myself starting to enjoy body washes. LUX products truly give me a breather after a long day. Unwinding for me means having my alone time in the shower. I always enjoy bathing because I like feeling and smelling fragrant and clean.

LUX Soft Touch is one the variants from the LUX range and it claims to bring noticeably soft skin because it has Silk Essence and is infused with French Rose. I'm a big fan of this variant because I personally don't like very strong scented body washes. I like the subtle, mild and "pretty" scents which is what Soft Touch is.

I have been enjoying body washes lately because I find that they're more moisturizing than soaps. Is it just me? I always make sure that I use body washes at least 2 days a week because it really relaxes me.

LUX body washes leave the skin smelling oh-so-good, but I find that LUX Soft Touch Body Wash is a notch higher because I like that mellow clean scent. It's perfect nowadays because it's been extremely warm and all you want to do is jump in and smell good.

As compared to other body washes, I find that even though it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized, it's not hard to remove either. Have you experienced that? When you keep rinsing off your body wash but you can't seem to get that slimy feeling? LUX doesn't have that, which I appreciate so much. Also, the scent of LUX body wash lingers in my bathroom which is a big plus. 

To those people on the go like myself, I like using soaps. When I'm showering with my daughter, I just need something quick and easy and I reach for LUX Soft Touch Perfumed Soap. It still smells so feminine and floral just like the body wash.

Don't forget to follow these steps when using the body wash:

And now for the exciting part! LUX is holding a giveaway! If you want to experience and try LUX Soft Touch yourself, go ahead and join! LUX is giving away LUX Soft Touch gift packs to 20 winners!

All you have to do is:
  1. Follow them on Instagram @LUXPH 
  2. Post a selfie and answer this question, "Why do you love having fragrant skin? And why do you want to bathe with ‪LUX Soft Touch?"
  3. Don't forget to use the hashtags #LUXSoftTouch and #BatheWithLUX. 

Contest runs from April 28 to May 28, 2016. And winners will be announced via @LUXPH on Instagram. Good luck! :D

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