Jergens Hydrating Coconut this Holiday!

It is the 1st of December and the Holidays have officially begun! And what better way to manage stress and stay glowing than to use products that are intended to make you stand out from the crowd. I don't know about you but these days my skin has started becoming dryer and a little flaky than usual. Normally this happens when the Ber months start, simply because of the change in climate. So I love busting out different moisturizers this time of the year as this is the best time for me to judge which works for my skin condition.

I have been loving Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer. For one, everybody's talking about coconut oil and coconut water nowadays. Second, the scent just uplifts my spirit. The Christmas season is usually the time you like anything sweet scented and this is just that! It's sweet and Christmasy! Third, it really is moisturizing without being sticky.

Coconut is one of nature’s precious fruits and Jergens utilizes two of its important derivatives: Coconut Water and Coconut Oil. Coconut Water is rich with minerals and is considered an even better alternative to plain water when it comes to hydrating the body while Coconut Oil is a natural oil that mimics the skin’s natural sebum, delivering greaseless, effective moisturizing effects; Together, these two ingredients eliminate dryness and dullness effectively by supplying long- lasting moisture to dehydrated, dull skin.

If you're familiar with Jergens lotions, you'd know that they've been in the business for so long so they know what they're talking about. ;) Also, they use Hydralucence technology that creates two layers of moisture on the skin: it allows light to bounce off, while restoring the skin's luminosity.

I've been enjoying this lotion because I find that it smoothens my skin right away and like what I mentioned, it's non-sticky. I can go on with my day without having to worry about that greasy feeling. The scent lingers for a while which I actually like! So if you're like me, who's battling dry and dull skin nowadays, or who just want to smell good, try this new variant out! It's already available at leading department stores and supermarkets.

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Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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