Beauty in Full Bloom Event

Last November 21, I attended the Beauty in Full Bloom event by Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection. I wasn't able to stay long as I was hosting a party that evening, but I'm glad I was briefed and was able to talk to key people during the event.

If you're not familiar with Healthy Skin Magazine. Healthy Skin Magazine is the first magazine in the Philippines designed to enlighten the readers on trends and advancements in dermatology and cosmetology. It demystifies beauty fads by featuring clinically-approved, non-invasive products and treatments with fun and engaging contents. This helps the readers determine what best suits their needs and preferences.

The magazine is divided into different sections to target the reader's concerns and interests.

I was also shown the different products of Skin Perfection. Apparently they have been in the Philippines since early 2000s. Although to be honest, this was the first time I have heard of them. They said that this was because Skin Perfection products can only be bought from select dermatologists.

The Skin Perfection Clinical Solutions is composed of a basic and intensive treatment program. It offers effective and sustainable solution to correct various skin problems, including acne inflammation, hyper-pigmentation and aging skin associated with loss of elasticity.

I found their products really interesting. They were mostly gel in texture so they were really light weight. They're also fragrance-free. And they have different products for different skin types and conditions.

What caught my attention the most were these concentrates. You can basically choose which concentrate your skin needs and add them to the serum or bases directly and then apply to the skin. I asked if the products are safe for pregnant and lactating moms and they said that they are, except for the Kojic Acid Concentrate.

Thank you so much for the invite Healthy Skin and Skin Perfection! :)

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