YellowMum: Make Mealtime More Fun with UFC Color Crazee!

Making meal time more fun is so important for me especially nowadays. My toddler has started becoming pickier and it always takes a long time for us to finish meal time. I don't really give in to whatever she wants in terms of food. She eats what I serve her. However, it just takes so much time and effort for her to finish so I was really excited to try out the new UFC Color Crazee Catsup. Making her meals more colorful and creative looking is more likely to be eaten, hence the rise of bento boxes!

UFC Color Crazee Catsup comes in 3 exciting colors, Yummy Yellow, Radiant Red, Goofy Green and Bubbly Blue. See how even their names are so cute? It comes in a twist cap and easy squeeze bottle making it easy for kids to use. I actually let Robyn put catsup on her plate herself because she loves it! With these 4 colors, you can even create more colors.

If you're wondering about the taste. It is the same UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup we know, just in different colors. And all the ingredients are FDA approved and safe for consumption.

This is what my family came up with. Hubby made this while Robyn and I assisted. :) After which, Robyn gobbled it up so fast! :D

UFC Color Crazee Catsup is already available in leading supermarkets for a limited time only. It's P15.00 only per bottle and P58.00 for the set! And start making edible art as bonding time with your kids!

UFC Banana Catsup
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Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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