Get-Up, Dress Up with SM Kids Fashion Holiday Collection

It's that time of the year again, when we visit shopping malls to buy gifts for your families and friends. This year, SM Kids Fashion decided to offer what is perhaps the bestest among the best sets for its holiday collection every year. This year’s ensembles showcase a wide variety of styles—from plains to prints, from laid-back casual to prim and proper looks, from dresses to tops and bottoms that are all ideal for one’s mix-and-match technique.

They launched the holiday collection at Todd English Food Hall.. It was my first time to dine there and I have been dying to try it way before. So I'll probably post a separate blog on that next time.

Since the place was divine, even their bathroom was super nice. Here I am taking a selfie. ;)

Onto the main program. Andrea Brilliantes and Jillian Ward graced the event. They were SM Kids Fashion's endorsers. I really liked the outfit Andrea chose. 

They also showed some of their favorite pieces from the collection. There's so much cute stuff at SM Kids Fashion that there's endless possibilities of mixing and matching outfits!

This year’s holiday collection also inspires boys and girls of all ages to make a statement from the vast choices of colors, prints, and patterns that delight and uplift. 

The cropped shirts and skater skirts for example; with all the styles, textures, and prints that girls can mix and match.They can dress up like their favorite pop icons, or simply become the most fashionable version of themselves. On the other hand, for girls who want to strut as modern princesses or be the cutest little misses, there will surely be a right outfit for every occasion. Aside from very feminine pieces, SM Kids’ Fashion has a variety of dresses that can also give that casual look.

Let's not forget about the boys! They'll love the modern and visually appealing tees that are flexible enough to complement their mood to dress up or dress down for the party. To add edge to one’s favorite denims, boys can simply pair these with a graphic tee. And because the shirts in this collection are flexible and fashionable enough for any gathering, adding cardigans, hoodies, button downs, or blazers can surely further the look. After all, the holiday season also ushers in that breezy atmosphere, so boys can go and take advantage of it with a trendy layered outfit.

This year’s SM Babies holiday collection unveils pieces that will effortlessly further the cuteness of your little ones. If you want to keep your baby’s look casual and easy, there are knits in different cuts and prints for little girls and tees, faux vests, colored denims, and chambrays for little boys. And because holidays are for celebrations and revelries, there are also dressier pieces for these cute babies! For girls, there are jacquard dresses, tutus, and laces will surely bring out the princess in them. The little boys, on the other hand, will look so refined with the blazers and button downs that come in different patterns and hues! There are shoes and accessories, too, which are up for grabs, all made to complete your baby’s holiday ensemble.

As a mom, I love dressing up my toddler. There's this cuteness and chicness to dressing up a kid. It makes me so giddy when I visit SM Kids. I never fail to have a look at what's new. :)

Here's the crazy and super gulo class picture. Hehe! Cuteee! :D

Here are some more outfit ideas for your kids or as gifts:

I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to hit SM Kids to find the best holiday fashion pieces for my daughter and for my loved ones. ;) I'll see you at SM, yeah?

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