Christmas Shopping for the Ladies!

I can't believe it will be Christmas in a few days! How time flies! I'm so happy that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. :) How about you? Here are a few ideas in case you're still unsure of what to give your woman.

Let's start with fashion:

I love FitFlops. I learned about the brand when I was pregnant because it's simply soooo comfortable. So this is definitely one of my recommended footwear.

This is one of my favorite clothes from ShopSui. ShopSui sells other designs too so go check out the online shop. What's great about them is that there's limited number of pieces per design. So yes, there's less chances of having twinsies this season!

Accessories are always a safe choice to give as gifts and stocking stuffer. I found a nice selection of jewelries from Zalora but this is my favorite set!

Onto bags! This is actually the birthday gift of my husband for me. He bought it at Nine West and I love it! It's roomy, it's useful and I love the color too! Too bad I don't have a better photo of me showing it off. Haha! (Photo from SampleRoom's Christmas Dinner)

Of course, women love makeup! Here's New York Palette from LuLu Makeup. So versatile and very useful too. There's so many looks she can do with this palette ranging from natural, conservative to smokey! 

Talking about makeup. Of course, she also needs brushes and maybe some lashes won't hurt too. Here are the new brushes from Charm! And I love the pre-glue idea of 3S Lashes!

I hope my little list helped you out! :) Do share your Christmas gift ideas! So excited for Christmas 2014! Merry Christmas everybody!!! :)

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