Mustela, Skin Protection for Moms and Babies

For more than 60 years, Mustela has successfully developed products to nourish and protect both babies and mothers throughout the world.  With exceptional formulation for comfort and protection, Mustela products have been proudly handed down from mothers to their children for more than three generations.
Carrying out new research in an on-going effort to better understand the needs of 
babies’delicate skin, Mustela has always been a pioneer in natural skincare solutions, and constantly innovates and integrates the latest scientific breakthroughs to best meet the needs of new parents. 
Little by little, all of these innovations have changed the daily lives of babies and their mothers, just as new concepts, new formula, new textures and increasingly practical products and packages have been introduced.
Today, Mustela has 4 product lines—Mustela 9 Months for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, MustelaBebe for daily baby care of babies and children with normal skin, MustelaDermo-Pediatrics for babies and children with problem skin, and Mustela Sun Care for safe and effective UV rays protection. These innovations have resulted in 635 patents (registered by Expanscience Laboratories) throughout the world. 

A few weeks ago (before Robyn got sick) I was able to attend Mustela’s event. I was really excited because Robyn’s been using Mustela since birth.
Robyn used Mustela’s Newborn Shampoo (similar to the one below), though hers was the Foaming Shampoo.

And then we moved to using the 2in1 Hair and Body Wash.

Now that she’s bigger, we’ve already tried and are using Dermo Cleansing Gel as her body wash.

And because she loves eating by herself nowadays, Physiobebe No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid has become one of our must haves!

Lexi Schulze hosted the event and she introduced the brand. But honestly, who hasn’t heard of Mustela, right?

I also learned more about baby’s skin. Did you know that baby’s skin actually heals really fast? So if you see a wound or rash, once treated, scars don’t usually form. I also learned that I should start putting sunscreen on Robyn especially now that she’s already a toddler and we bring her out a lot.

3 beautiful moms, fashion blogger Christine Dychiao, fellow beauty blogger Shen Cala-or and celebrity mom Nicole Hernandez shared their motherhood experiences and also their favorite Mustela products. 

It became quite emotional and I couldn’t help but feel sentimental listening to them. I missed Robyn! Haha!
Sharleen CuUnjieng, co-owner of Mustela Philippines, also shared with us how they started. Imagine, there was a point when they joined over 10 bazaars in a year. For some, this maybe nothing but I have joined several bazaars before and the hard work that comes with it, whew! I was impressed how she and her partner Tammy Chua Tancinco, consider Mustela as their baby.

I do believe in their products and I always recommend this to my peers. As moms, we want nothing but the best for our babies. And it’s always a trial and error sort of thing. But I haven’t been wrong about Mustela and I’m glad that with the event, I was able to educate myself more about the brand.

Mustela offers a wide range of products both for mom and baby. Here are the products that they focused on during the event:
Vitamin Barrier Cream 
It’s ideal for soothing and preventing diaper rash as its barrier effect protects and insulates thefragile skin of infants. The vitamins that the Vitamin Barrier Cream contain provide instant relief, reduce development of bacteria that they often get from urine and feces, thus, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
 Sun Protection Line

The products included in this line are also further enhanced to preserve the natural defences and the wealth of cells that are present deep down the baby’s skin. Mustela’s Sun Protection Line are also highly resistant to water, sweat, and rubbing from towels and clothing, thus, parents can allow their children to bask, play, and enjoy the getaway without having to worry about the harsh sun’s rays. 
 Stretch Marks Oil
Increases the elasticity and softness of every mom’s skin. It is specially formulated with lupeol—a natural, patented active ingredient that produces fibers that strengthen the skin to help it cope better when stretching. Furthermore, the mishmash of mush rose, baobab oils, avocado oil, sunflower oil, and the luxurious pomegranate seed to its formulation guarantee the kind of nourishment and protection that every woman dealing with the glory of motherhood deserves.

Spot your favorite Mustela product!

Thank you Mustela for the very informative afternoon! And thank you to ARC PR for the invitation! 😀

 with my tablemates and fellow moms
 more photos grabbed from ARC PR

fellow beauty bloggers

Tellie, Kira and Krissy


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