Nordstrom Discount Codes!

In this day and age, shopping online has become a life saver for a lot of people. I should know, because I am one of them. As a first time mom, my life has completely changed and now revolves around my daughter. The days when I can leisurely stroll the mall and slowly browse all the racks of my favourite brands in search of finding the best deals and discounts are over. The internet has become my best friend and my shopping buddy.

I love shopping online because it gives me so much choices in the comfort of my own home. I no longer need to wait in line to buy my chosen pieces of clothing; instead, just click a button and voila, sold!

One retail store in the U.S. comes to mind when it comes to quality items who started as a shoe shop and is now one of the leading fashion retailers; Nordstrom Inc. Did you know that Nordtsrom has its own online store aka e-commerce site called and for our friends from Canada and Australia, there’s which operates in partnership with HauteLook and gives customers access to off-price fashion at considerable savings. They also have a personalized styling service via the site, called Trunk Club.

I have browsed and I tell you, I can spend hours just looking at the beautiful stuff.

Here are a couple things that I love:

This looks so sophisticated and it’s pretty roomy too. I usually bring so so much that I can never bring a small bag. I can imagine myself using this! In fact, I want this right this very second! Hahaha!

Urban Decay has always been one of my favourite makeup brands because they offer really amazing products. I have the Naked eyeshadow palette and it’s one of my to go to palettes because the shadows are so pigmented and buttery. And this Vice 3 palette just calls my name. I love the color combination and I think it will go well with just about any season.

Billabong 'Golden Party' Sleeveless Tulle Dress

Of course I must not forget about my daughter. This is one of my top picks for her because it’s so darn cute! It’s sleeveless so it’s perfect for the Philippine weather and the detail on the dress and the accent lets her wear this from day to night.

Those are some of my top picks from the site. But wait there’s more! I have amazing news to my friends and readers who love Nordstrom and discount coupons! I wanted to share with you Nordstrom coupon codes that you can use to shop!

What’s even better than online shopping? Great deals and coupons! I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love a good bargain. I always find myself gravitating to discount racks because let’s face it, shopping is fun but hunting for cheap finds is even more exciting!

So if you want discount codes, click here and enjoy shopping! Advance Happy Holidays! :D

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang.  All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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