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Celeteque Dermoscience has launched 2 new products recently and I was invited to their product launch to know more about it. Can I just make a side comment? The venue was Prime 101 and the food was delish! Everything was mouth-watering. :)

Onto the products, the new members of the Celeteque line are the Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil and the Acne-Clearing Concealer. Both really useful and helpful products from every Filipina.

 Céleteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Cleansing Oil
P249.00/ 50ml

Cleansing oils are better at removing oil-based makeup and cleaning out sebum from your pores. That's simply a fact. They can cleanse deeper, without damaging the skin barrier. It will get in there and blend with the oil-based makeup and excess sebum in your pores. 

Use some water to emulsify the cleansing oil – it will turn into a white liquid.  Then rinse off!  All of the makeup, dirt, and impurities on your skin will be instantly washed away, leaving you with clean, soft, and moisture-balanced skin.

Céleteque Cleansing Oil has great ingredients for the skin, like vitamin E and Phytosqualane, so that you don’t just get clean skin, you get better skin too.  It has actually been clinically tested to lessen fine lines by 77% in just 4 weeks!

 Céleteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer

When you wake up to find a big angry pimple on your face, you may be tempted to pop it, dry it out, then apply concealer, hoping that no one will notice it.  But did you know that doing that can lead to infection and clogged pores , making your pimple bigger and angrier than ever?  

Before applying your makeup, treat and cover your pimple at  once bay using the new Céleteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer. The Céleteque Acne-Clearing Concealer is different from regular concealers because it has Salicylic acid that opens up pores and exfoliates the dead skin cells, and Camellia sinensis extract that has soothing and antibacterial properties to treat the pimple.

But if you really want to prevent nasty breakouts and pimples, it's better to stick to a skin care regimen that targets specifically that. You may check out the Céleteque Acne Solutions line that has been clinically tested to make skin 80% clearer in just 2 weeks!

Thank you Celeteque for introducing these new products! :) Looking forward to testing them out!

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Thanks Marcie for the invite! :)

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