Johnson's Baby Play Factory

Almost everybody has their own Johnson & Johnson's story. I used J&J products since I was little until adulthood. I have used it until I was working!So it was great pleasure when I got an invite from J&J and Nuffnang to their launch of Johnson's Baby Play Factory.

You all know play time is just as important as any other bonding time. Johnson's Baby Play Factory aims to make powder time as play time! Putting powder makes our kids feel fresh and the powder absorbs their sweat so they feel dry. Also let's not forget they smell fresh too! :)

Mark and Cha Cha were there to entertain the press. Cha Cha even sang Let It Go, which is one of my favorite songs from Frozen.

We were able to watch firsthand the commercial starring Mark and Cha Cha.

Like what I said the main theme was for parents to make powder time playtime. So the ad showed tips and other ideas on how to play with our kiddos. Some suggestions are presko dance, metamorphosis and guess the drawing!

Looks like someone's having a fun time!

They come in four variants: Space Adventure, Guess the Drawing Game, Presko Dance and the Fairy Dust. And are now available in the market!

After the presentation, it was time to take advantage of Active Fun. This was my second time to go to this place but the first time we're bringing Robyn in.

H went inside with Robyn and played for a couple of minutes. We decided not to stay long because there was a lot of bigger kids inside. Maybe we'll go back on a weekday when there's not much people so Robyn can really enjoy roaming and playing around.

Thank you to Johnson's and Nuffnang for the fun event! :D

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