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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Favorite Find for 2012: Lip Liner

Let's talk about lips for a second! One of my favorite, if not my most favorite makeup would have to be lipsticks. And I talked about making lipsticks long lasting here. One of the quickest way is to use a lip liner. So that's what I want to focus on today.

Definirely one of my favorite discoveries is Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner. I blogged about it here and here. I love that it's so affordable yet it does the job! One tube is less than P100 and a refill is less than P50!

Don't shun this lip liner just because of its price. It has never failed me and my lipsticks don't bleed when I use this lip liner. It's creamy enough that it doesn't leave the lips looking "too lined". I've used this prior to applying lipstick, which is the traditional way and also used this after lipstick application, something I learned from a workshop I attended. And both works just fine!

I guess the only down side really is that Etude House doesn't have a huge lip liner section. They only have 4-5 lip liner shades from the last time I checked. I have almost all the shades just because it's so affordable and I swear by it. I'll probably try to search for new lip liners this year just to add to my collection. But if you're on a budget, this is definitely something you should try! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Favorite Finds 2012: Concealer

Definitely my favorite concealer for 2012 is K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. I was ecstatic when I saw this product for the very first time and saw the quality. It was love at first swatch. It gives really good coverage and a little goes a long way. I conceal my undereyes almost every single day so finding a good concealer is very important to me.

K-Palette Zero Kuma Conccealer doesn't cake. It's very creamy and it's easy to blend. I normally set it with a little sheer or loose powder and when I do, it stays on the entire day. The packaging is also very hygienic. It comes in a tube packaging so there's no need to use your fingers to get the product from the packaging.

I loved this product so much that I even made a Current Obsession post about it. All of my other concealers definitely took a step back when I got the Zero Kuma Concealer because it's got everything I wanted and more! ;) There are 3 different variants, do let me know which ones you've already tried.

By the way, K-Palette is available at Beauty Bar. :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

YELLOWMUM: 38 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog + Name Reveal

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

I want to share with you my 38 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog. This was taken January 25, 2013. (I was 38 Weeks 3 Days pregnant based on my LMP.) Hopefully this would be my last pregnancy vlog and I really am hoping to give birth soon. :)

This month my baby isn't as active anymore. I guess it's really already cramped in there. Haha! I do still feel her move but compared to the previous month, what I feel now are little kicks and punches here and there and more on nudges.

I've also been feeling a lot of discomfort because of my growing belly. Imagine having to roll from one side to another and carrying all the weight. It feels like my stomach is being crushed everytime I change positions. I've also been experiencing contractions or Braxton Hicks. It's not the real contractions yet, it's like a practice for moms to be. I get that regularly now, about 4-5 times a day. It's uncomfortable but not really painful.

I still feel very hot. Just glad that it's not as humid now here in the Philippines compared to last December. I just make sure to always bring a fan with me.

Stretch marks are all over! Like what I said in the video, my belly looks like a brain because of all the lines! Geez! I try not to stress about it and my husband, being a loving one that he is, always tells me that I still look beautiful no matter what. Then again, girls being self-conscious, it still irritates me.:(

I've also finished packing my little girl's hospital bag. I think I'll try to post about this next time. I basically just searched for hospital bag suggestions just to see what things I need to bring for her. I've started packing my and my husband's bag as well. Though I still need to put our toiletries and all that. 

We've also finally assembled her dresser and I've already put her things in it. We purchased her dresser from SanYang (or something like that). It was around P2,900++ for a laminated cabinet. We initially wanted to have one built but decided on just purchasing for now. We'll just have one customized when she's a little older and we'd know what size of dresser she needs. I'll try to do a dresser tour next time once I've already properly arranged all of her stuff because right now, it's kind of all over the place. Haha!

We also had my baby shower! If you follow me on Instagram (yellowyum), I posted a couple of photos from my shower and I plan to do a separate blog post about that very soon. It was last January 13 and it was a very fun event. It was the fist time for all of us including the guests and organizers, to attend a baby shower since it's not a popular event here in the Philippines or at least in our culture.

I also would like to share with you the name of our little girl. A lot of people have been asking me about it and I think it's about time I tell you about it. :) Her name is Olivia Robyn but we'll be calling her Robyn for short. We also thought of a cute nickname but we'll talk about that some other time. :)

So it's waiting game from now on! I have a couple of events to go to. I know, I know... but a lot of people have been suggesting for me to keep moving and walking so why not make it to events right? :) I pray for a safe, normal and healthy delivery. Again thanks so much for all the well wishes. We are overwhelmed. :)

Can't wait to hold my baby Robyn! :D

Saturday, January 26, 2013

MeMeMe Boho Balm Review

Hi everyone! Have you noticed that it's not as hot anymore? December was extremely hot and it felt like the summer. But now the cool breeze has finally hit the Philippines! It's about time! I personally have been waiting for the cool weather because being pregnant, I just feel hot all the time.

Now that it's cooler and less humid, I have also been sporting a new cheek product- MeMeMe Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint. I purchased this awhile back but honestly didn't really like it initially. I felt that it was too sticky! The product was just sticky that my hair always ends up stuck to my face. However, nowadays I can already use this and actually enjoy it.

The product has 2 colors, one a darker pink with a hint of red tone in it and the other is a lighter warm pink. Both are very wearable. You can use this as a cheek color or a lip stain.

 Here are the swatches:

Well I still think that the consistency is quite sticky, although in its defense, the stickiness lasts only for a minute or two. You can go in front of a fan to help set the product quicker too. I use a stippling brush when I apply this because I find that it blends better than when I use my finger.

What I love most about it is the staying power! Even if I sweat, it still stays put until the wee hours of the night without retouching. Of course the color isn't as intense anymore, but at least you still have some cheek stain compared to a bare face. Pretty amazing right?

Here are some photos of me wearing the darker shade of cheek tint:


I also like the scent! It has this mild, vanilla-like, candy scent. It smells so good you'd want to eat it! Haha! :) I've used this on my lips to give my lips that stained look. The color doesn't lasts as long but it gives that barely there or my lips but better lip shade.

Been loving this product and I'm so happy I get to wear it now that it's a little cooler in the Metro! :) If you are looking for a cheek color that lasts without retouching, you might want to try cream products then set it with a little powder. I purchased this product from Makeup Hub by Naturale Collezione.


2 out of 3 Schnauzers

Friday, January 25, 2013

Daphne Home Scents Acres of Lavender

Happy Friday everyone! Friday has always been a bittersweet day for me. It means that it's the end of the week and I can finally enjoy my weekend; it also means Friday traffic! And I know that everybody agrees that Friday traffic is the worst! Well today, I decided to stay home. I've been out of the house the entire week and my energy's so low nowadays that I end up getting tired mid-day. So since I don't have any plans today, I decided to stay home, blog, edit a video and finally start packing my hospital bag.

With that said, I'm currently in my room enjoying the fragrance of a new product I recently discovered. Last Christmas, my aunt gave us Daphne Home Scents Diffuser by Bench. I felt like it was such a nice gift given I'm obsessed with a good smelling room.

Daphne Home Scents
Acres of Lavender
by Bench

This was something different because I've been using candles for almost a year now in making sure that our home smells nice. I never really thought of trying diffusers. This set came with  about 12 bamboo sticks and of course the scent of your choice. I like that it has a lot of sticks so that I can change it anytime I feel like the current sticks aren't working anymore. Great thing we got the lavender one because I've been thinking of purchasing a Lavender scented candle for the bedroom.


I decided to use just 1 set of bamboo sticks (6 pcs) and followed the instructions. It says to keep the sticks in the oil for about 20-30 minutes then flip it and it worked. I put it right above our bed where we have a shelf and the aircon hits it perfectly.

The Acres of Lavender smells really relaxing, I'd say the correct match for the bedroom. It was able to make my room smell really nice. The next days I didn't even have to flip the bamboo sticks anymore. I only did after about 2 or 3 weeks just to intensify the scent.

The only down side is that after a month, I've already finished 3/4 of it, whereas my candles last me for 2-3 months minimum. I think it's because  it's always open and it's right across our aircon. I've tried moving it to another table but it doesn't smell as strong for obvious reasons.

I personally think that it's cheaper and more efficient to use candles but I know a lot of people who do not like using candles because of fire tendencies. If you're one who want to stay on the safe side, I think diffusers are the way to go. Even though they don't last as long, at least it's safer than candles. As for me, I'd probably give it another go. I would like to try another brand of diffusers just to be able to compare it with the one from Bench. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Krave's 1st Year Anniversary & Product Launch

I was invited to Krave's 1st Year Anniversary and Product Launching last January 12, 2013. It was my first event for the year and even though I was already 9 months pregnant, I still went; of course I asked my husband to accompany me just in case.

I was happy to see one of my blogger friends, Say. It has been a long time since we last saw each other. And of course, she looked gorgeous as ever!

I also met Say's boyfriend, Mark. I've seen him in her vlogs. And well I gotta say, they look really happy together. I'm so happy for you S3!

For me, the highlight of the event was when Krave's Katrina Chua took the stage and talked about how Krave was just a dream and never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that it would be this huge right away. They have about 100 distributors worldwide! Imagine that!

I was so surprised to find out that she's only 24 and she's running an empire! Wow! She talked about the new products and how they developed those products based on what their customers want. I also found out that they ask feedback from their distributors too, to come up with newly improved and good quality products.

During the event, we were also entertained by some performances and a fashion show like no other:

The  fashion show was like a make over runway. The models held their "before" picture and preset their "after" looks using all Krave products.

When it was time to unveil the new products of Krave for 2013, everybody went up front to take a closer look at the items.

 What a cool stand! :D

 Photo grabbed from Hazel

First stop, mineral makeup! They reformulated some old products such as the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator which I blogged about here. And they're coming up with more makeup!

They're also expanding their organic skin care line. I am obviously also looking forward to this given that I'm really into natural and organic stuff!

It was also great catching up with a dear friend from highschool, Dianne. She's the owner of Skye Avenue. She's a distributor of Krave and she also sells other makeup brands too and she's doing so well, I'm so proud of her, 

 Here are some more photos with beautiful people:

 My Sexy Shobe Say, S3

 Hazel with her gorgeous hair! She lost so much weight, nakakainggit!

 Photo grabbed from Hazel

with the every beautiful Shen who's tying the knot this year! Wee!
Photo grabbed from Shen

 Finally met the super sweet Angel who even got a surprise prize from Krave!
Congratulations Angel!

Me, Say and Katrina Chua of Krave
photo from Krave

You can visit their website at for more info. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

YELLOWMUM: Showered with Love & Presents!

I talked about my Baby Shower in Twitter and my Instagram and even posted some photos and teasers. I cannot wait to show you more photos from that event and talk about one of the most fun parties ever. ;) But for now, let me show you some presents that I received from the party.

The board with "R" on it was made by my sisters who helped me with the decor! (Yes that's her initial. Hint hint!) They did an amazing job with the help of my mum. I couldn't believe they were able to pull off organizing my shower. You know how you look at your younger siblings as children right? Let's just say they've proven they can be trusted with these things! Hehe!

I decided to register at Baby Company, SM department stores the last minute because I thought that it may be too hard for my friends and family to know what we still need given that I'm due soon and we've already purchased quite a lot of things for Munchkin. Some of my friends also asked me what I still needed so I just sent them a list of what we haven't purchased just yet.

Enfant Applied Baby Carrier from Eunice: It was very thoughtful. I initially was hesitating on getting a soft baby carrier because I was afraid Munchkin will have frog legs. But upon researching, there are proper ways on how to use a soft baby carrier such as what I got. It also states that it's best to use it for 2 month old babies and up, and not with newborns.

Soft Steps Bugs Musical Mobile from Roma: This is one of the items that I listed and sent them. I was focusing more on the essentials that I almost forgot about toys. Obviously, babies would want to be entertained as well. This mobile that I got can be used for the crib and stroller. I think we'll probably use it when Munchkin already turns 1 month old or something. But it's great to already have it with us!

Nursing Mom Nursing Cover from Kath, Jenn and Jeff: Another thing from my list is Nursing Mom's nursing cover. I plan to breastfeed and that would mean nursing in public. I would definitely want to be discreet about it and now show "everything" to everyone so a nursing cover is a must. I asked for the one from Nursing Mom because it has a soft bone in front which lets you see the baby inside and actually see what you're doing. I also like the size of this nursing cover too. Good thing they found the design I wanted!

Next 9 Baby Sling  from Cee and Dennis: You can probably call me a "modern expectant mom". I researched a whole lot about baby wearing and cloth diapers and all the new gadgets and things for a baby (my mum doesn't even know about half of these things) so I definitely decided on "wearing my baby". The item that I wanted? Next 9's baby sling. I just feel like it's easier to use a ring sling and since I'm a noob, I needed something simple and easy to use. I have yet to study how to use it properly. :)

Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker from Justine, Dane and Lianne: I told my husabnd that I wanted a rocker for our baby and when we searched for rockers, we stumbled upon the Fisher Price one. We were so blown away that I told my sister I wanted it and to give it to us as a gift as a half-meant joke. ;p I didn't realize that they would really buy it for us, for Munchkin. So you can just imagine that we were over the moon when my sister told us they will be giving it to us.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns from Kath, Jenn and Jeff: My friends are spoiling Munchkin! Haha! They asked me what toiletries I wanted and I told them that I don't have any preference. Seriously, I know nothing! So I just blurted some brands and they chose Mustela. I've been hearing great things about the brand and we'll see, hopefully it works really well for my baby.

Enfant Toiletries Set for Babies from Eric: I actually didn't buy any toiletries for Munchkin, so it was perfect that my friends decided to give us toiletries as gifts. The set from Enfant was quite complete so I don't have any plans of buying any more for now. Maybe just bottom care and diaper rash ointments. I honestly don't really know what babies need as their toiletries so it's great that Eric gave us a set.

Chicco 0m+ Bottles from Diana: Another item from our list, bottles! I will be breastfeeding so initially, we decided not to buy bottles. But then I realized there may be times I would pump, and so we still need at least a few pieces. Diana read our minds! We actually registered for these specific bottles! I chose Chicco bottles because of the shape of their nipples. They said that the nipples imitate the mothers' nipples. Obviously I don't know if this is true or not, I guess we'll find out soon.

Mother's Memories for my Daughter Book from Tita Dada: My aunt was not able to make it to my baby shower but she sent me a couple of hand me downs and this book was one of the things she sent me. It was still brand new and I was excited to see it because I actually wanted to keep a journal for my baby to read when she's older. I thought of purchasing a baby album- those with spaces for my notes. I guess this book is something more detailed. :)

Enfant Baby Tools from Kat: Some more baby essentials! Kat gave us a set of baby tools that include nail clipper, nail file, comb, hair brush, tooth brush and baby scissors. We only have a nail clipper and nail file, so it was timely that we received a complete set. This is a must have for newborns. I don't think we will be using the toothbrush anytime soon though since it will take a few months before she grows teeth. But it's great that we already have a complete set, at least we don't need to buy anymore.

Our family has given us so many gifts as well so we told them not to bring anything to the party anymore. Nakakahiya. :) And honestly, aside from the gifts that we received, we were showered with so much love. We received so many compliments and congratulations and a lot of well wishes that we are overwhelmed with so much support. Being an expectant mom, my family and friends are my rock. It's very nerve wrecking thinking about giving birth and actually being responsible for another human being. But I know that I have a lot of people behind me, cheering me on, and that's more than what I can ask for. :)

3 weeks to go!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Favorite Finds 2012: Powder Foundation

Are you guys ready for the next installment of my Favorite Finds? I sure am! I will be sharing with you my favorite Powder Foundation. Actually, I learned about this and got a hold of it 2011, but since then, I just couldn't get enough of it that I use it on my clients and actually recommend it to them too! It's none other than Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover.

Surprisingly, I never reviewed it in my blog yet even though I've used it so many times for my looks and for my tutorials. So I guess it's high time that I give it the spotlight.

For someone who doesn't wear liquid foundation on a regular basis, I try to choose really good powder products since that's what I rely on to give me the perfect base. Well, this is by far one of the best powder foundations I have ever tried. It's very comparable to MAC Studio Fix powder that ever since I learned about this product, I decided to stick with it. The coverage is medium to heavy depending on how you apply it on your skin. It can be used dry or wet but I opt to always use it dry because honestly, the coverage is already enough! This gives me flawless finish and the consistency is so smooth.

It's quite affordable and let's be honest here, who wouldn't want to own that kind of packaging? It's soooo cute and girly! :) Majolica Majorca proved to be a really great contender and it has made me take a look at Japanese cosmetics! I highly encourage you to go to their stalls and try it out for yourself. I am sure you won't be disappointed!

Sophia Eyelash Enhancer Weekend Payday SALE

Hey hey hey! SALE Alert!

Virginia Olsen's Sophia Eyelash Enhancer is having a Weekend Payday SALE! You can get it for only P999.00 from the SRP of P2.750!!! Woot woot!

You may order through their website

Well go grab yours now! :D

Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Finds 2012: Liquid Foundation

Hi everyome! As I mentioned in my most recent video, my 4th Quarter Favorites 2012, I will be doing a Favorite Finds for 2012 series here in my blog.

(If you want to see more favorite videos, subscribe to my youtube channel. It's an exclusive series I made for my channel where I share my quarterly favorites.)

My first favorite find that I wanted to discuss is Liquid Foundations. I believe that everybody wants a flawless face no matter what. Even if you're wearing really bold eye makeup, but if you forget your base, the look just isn't complete.

I rounded up all the liquid foundations that I tried out the entire 2012 and found 2 of my favorite ones! I honestly wanted to choose just 1 but it was really hard to decide between these 2.

The first product is the San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation. I am head over heels in love with this. It's very matte. I highly recommend this to oily skin girls. It's extremely affordable and it's long wearing. I also like the candy smell, although some may beg to differ. It gives full coverage and I can say that it's comparable to high end brands in terms of quality.

I usually prefer using sheer powder or light coverage powder when I use this because I feel like it already does the job completely.

Another favorite of mine is the Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Foundation Matte. I am blessed because I don't have a lot of scars and blemishes to cover, so I prefer a light weight medium coverage foundation on a normal day. For 2012, I found that the Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Foundation Matte is the perfect foundation for everyday wear. I absolutely believe that you don't need to go all out with a full coverage foundation every single day especially if you have good skin. With this foundation, my skin doesn't feel to cakey and heavy.

The foundation blends really well with the skin making you forget that you're wearing any foundation at all. Surprisingly I also found the perfect shade for me which is #21 Nude Beige. It also is long wearing at 6 hours no retouching! FYI, I have combination skin.

For me, these two are definitely my favorite finds for liquid foundations. I swear by these products and hopefully you get to try them out yourselves too.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cute Find! Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder

I went to Greenhills recently to purchase some stuff and stumbled upon a store called KIT. I then saw a super cute toothbrush holder. It has a Schnauzer design, and if you've been a follower for so long, you would know that my dog is a Schnauzer and I love anything Schnauzer related. My husband and I have a total of 4 Schnauzers (from our 9 dogs) at home. My aunt has 1 who's the son of 1 of our Schnauzers and we also gave my mum one too. We're pretty hooked that H and I actually collect Schnauzer items. :)

So of course we just had to buy this Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder. It was perfect since we didn't have any toothbrush holders at home. We only place our toothbrushes in a glass.

 around P260.00

Apparently there are ways how to keep your toothbrush holder clean. You have to clean it once a month with warm and soapy water. It removes any bacteria or germs that may have already gotten inside.

To restoreand revitalize its suction,  remove suction caps and soak it in hot water for a couple of minutes.

It's pretty easy to use too. And it doesn't need too much effort in opening and closing. Simply apply a little bit of pressure with your toothbrush to close it and lift the toothbrush slowly to open it.

If I had found this sooner, I would have given these as gifts. They also have other designs. This is from the Puppy Collection. From what I saw, they had Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle and Labrador. Aside from this collection, they also have an animal collection which comprises of cow, chicken, duck, etc.

Well I just thought I'd share this with you just in case you're into cute stuff too! :)

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