Go Real Go Large with Del Monte

Celebrate the Holidays with a cheer-filled Christmas 3D video wall-mapping showcase to the rhythm of festive tunes! The display was projected not on a projector but on the Del Monte building along 30th street right across the park.

Del Monte also launched their new (improved packaging) juice drinks. They now come in a new re-sealable 1L Tetra carton packs! They're already available in supermarkets, so you can already buy them for your noche buena!

If you want to catch the 3d showcase, here's the map:

I attended the press launch and the first day of the show.

Let me tell you, I was one of those people who definitely got excited when I learned about the new packaging of Del Monte. We always buy the big cans because both my husband and I love drinking juices. But to be honest, it wasn't very convenient as we had to transfer it to a pitcher first before storing. So when I learned that Del Monte juices are now in re-sealable 1L Tetra carton packs, I knew we will benefit from the new packaging!

That night was also the first time I learned about the Mango flavor. I don't usually see this in the supermarket so I'm not 100% sure if it's a new flavor or not. But I love it and it's now my favorite!

It started raining just before the program started but host Victor Basa was still game and did his job gracefully under an umbrella. Hehe!

Lastly, it was time for the Christmas 3D video wall-mapping showcase to the rhythm of festive tunes! It was fun watching it, and I actually brought my daughter with me who watched the little presentation attentively!

I hope you got to catch the program! :) And don't forget to visit your favorite supermarket for the new Del Monte juices! :D

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