Help & Pray for the Philippines: Typhoon Yolanda

As many of you know, the Philippines just experienced one of the worst typhoon just recently. Yolanda was such a monster that even though we have tried to be prepared, lives were not spared. I know that a lot of people have died, suffered and I don't even know how horrible they must be feeling right now, but I am also happy that many have been extending her help.

I want to share some avenues where you can donate:

You may donate through Unicef and Red Cross, to name a few. Here's a list I found, I wish this will help you choose.

I'm so happy that some establishments and stores are also helping out in their own way. If you're going out this weekend, you can check this list and choose from these restaurants. A fraction of their profits will be donated to the victims of Yolanda.

One of the brands I'm affiliated with is also helping out. You can use this time to shop for your mineral makeup and help out as well.

I really wish all of the donations go to the victims. I'm grateful that even other countries are also helping out. But always remember, there's no little deed in times of need. Do what you can and help out. My prayers to all families who were affected.

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