Local Haul: Liners and Demo on Spot Concealer

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. As you have read, my family got sick and it was quite bad and difficult since Robyn also caught the bug. And then, just last October 17, we went to Subic to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and Robyn's 8th month birthday! When we got back, lots and lots of work was waiting for us. Honestly, I'm not done yet with all the paper work but I have to make sure that I juggle everything well especially since we don't have help and I take care of my baby myself.

So before everything that has happened, I went to the department store to grab a couple of liners. I decided to try out local liners because I've been seeing a lot of good reviews about them and wanted to give them a try myself.

First of all, I decided to get a new sharpener. I wasn't particular about the brand because, let's face it, it's just a sharpener! So I just chose the one from Ever Bilena because it's got 2 sizes and has a cover for easier clean up. Plus it was super cheap, it was only P50.00

Now for eyeliners, I got the minerals/precise eye liner from Nichido for P138.00 each. I got two brown shades because I still have black and I wanted to also test this out for my eyebrows. The sales lady said that it can be used for the brows as well. I already used hazelnut and thought it was creamy but didn't seem to last the whole day, but I will update you on that. ;)

 Swatch no flash

  Swatch with flash

I also purchased lip liners because my favorite lip liner supplier Etude House doesn't carry a bright red lip liner and that's what I needed. I saw that Nicihido has lip pencils too. So I got Rosette and Blaze for P100 each.

 swatch without flash
Rosette - Blaze

 swatch with flash
Rosette - Blaze

I have yet to use this so I will be doing a separate review on the lip pencils!

Lastly, I finally gave in and purchased Nichido minerals/spot concealer in Natural. I read quite good reviews on this as an eyeliner on the waterline. I would normally use white eyeliner for my waterline, but as you have guessed, it looks really obvious! So I thought maybe a skin tone shade would do.

As the name suggests, it is a spot concealer so you can use this for your pimples and imperfections too.

 Swatch no flash

 Swatch with flash

 + flash

 - flash

Want to see a demo? Here's the video I made:

I didn't like it as a spot concealer just because the color is darker than my skin tone as you can see in my swatch. It was too yellow so I think it was quite obvious on my face. As a waterline pencil, I like it. It made the white of my eyes brighter hence making me look more well rested. It also lasted for a couple of hours which was a surprise because normally, it would have been gone after just 2 hours. So yes I like it as a waterline pencil.

How about you? Have you tried these liners? Can you recommend other local brands of liners for me to try? So far my favorite brands for liners are K-Palette, MAC and Revlon. :)

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