Five Of The Strangest New Spa Treatments

Ever wondered what the new spa treatments are? Here are some services shared to us by Marcela. Thanks for the post!

Today, as much as may hate it, we live in a society where beauty is worshipped above almost anything else. In fact, celebrities and models are revered for not much more than their good looks. So, is it any wonder that men and women all over the world go to great lengths to look and feel beautiful? 

People will voluntarily deal with the pain of waxing and pay even thousands of their hard-earned dollars to meet the “standard of beauty.” While this might be true, you may be shocked at some of the lengths people will go to in the name of beauty and some of these treatments are quite strange.

The Fish Pedicure
A well-known fact, dead skin cells pile on top of our healthy skin, leaving it looking dull and rough. Many people use exfoliation to rid themselves of the top layer of dead skin; however, some spas have taken it a step further. 

Fish pedicures entail a person putting their feet in a bucket of warm water filled with Garra Rufa fish. These fish eat dead skin straight off the feet, revealing the healthy layers of skin. This treatment has also been said to have healing properties for cracked and wounded feet. If you have the urge to put your feet in a tub of fish that eat skin, you’re braver than most.

The Geisha Facial

Have you ever seen bird droppings on the ground and thought, “hmm, I wonder what that would feel like on my face?” If so, you’re in luck! While not every spa offers this particular treatment, those that do refer to it as the Geisha Facial. The name comes from the old Japanese custom for kabuki performers to use nightingale feces as a face mask. Now, people use a facial mixture incorporating bird poop to help make them look years younger.

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is one of the most controversial spa treatments in recent history. A doctor draws enough blood from you to fill three phials. Then, the blood is spun for 20 minutes while your face is anesthetized. Your blood is injected back into your face and neck. The process is supposedly extremely painful and leaves you with bruises on the face for weeks after; however, the results are noticeable almost immediately after injection, leaving your skin with a natural glow to look years younger. 

Chocoluscious Manicure and Pedicure

Chocolate is not just a delicious snack worth coveting; it’s now the active ingredient in one of the most interesting new treatments. Since chocolate contains fatty acids, it is healthy for the skin. In the end, your hands and feet will feel moisturized as they glisten like never before.

Wine Baths

People say that ancient Egyptian, Queen Cleopatra, bathed in wine as a symbol of her wealth and to keep her skin’s youthful appearance. Now spas are offering the same treatment for people who don’t necessarily have that royalty status. Red wine has antioxidants, which also have anti-aging properties. It’s also said to cleanse your pores and lighten your skin.

Despite how strange these new spa treatments sound, there is a reason why spas offer these services-- they actually work! If you’re feeling a bit daring the next time you go to a spa, try one of these treatments, and you may be surprised at the results. 

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