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In one of my vlogs, I showed you where I currently get my nails done. I go to Coco Luca Nail and Waxing Salon. I'm always up to trying out different nail salons so I can compare. So far this is one of the best ones I've tried so far simply because the technicians are knowledgeable and the place is really comfortable.

Right as you enter, there's a good space for waiting. Although luckily. all the times I've been to the salon, I never had to wait. Lucky me!

Here is the interior of Coco Luca:

I've mentioned this in my IG post and my vlog, that I really really love the couches of Coco Luca. It's so comfortable, I can really doze off.

They've got several brands of nail polishes to choose from. All imported and of good quality.

They also carry Ilog Maria products and I also saw some sandals and tea for sale. It's actually a really good thing because I do like Ilog Maria products and knowing that they're readily available at one of my favorite nail salons, then that's just perfect!

As I was seated, they brought me hot lemongrass tea. Tasted so yummy, it definitely helped set the mood and relaxed me.

I availed of the hand and foot spa with mani pedi. So first thing they did was to soak my hands and feet. Honestly, it felt so good to relax. This was the first time I went away without my baby. I left her with my husband for awhile and it felt so good to just have a little me time. Even wih the soak, it already loosen my muscles and definitely made me relax.

Next was scrubbing. Both my hads and feet were scrubbed. It was minty and it felt GOOOOODDD!

Then the moment I've been waiting for- massage! The last time I had a massage was before I got pregnant. Yes I know that there are prenatal massages and some say you can get head massages or foot massages, but I was very cautious. I didn't get one just because I wanted to be sure. Their massage was like heaven on the skin because they have their own lotion scent and it smells divine!

Here is their polish wheel. They use imported brands like China Glaze, Missa, OPI, Orly, Chanel, Zoya, Dior, etc.

Next stop after choosing my polish was mani pedi! I love how careful the technician is. She assures that I will not have any cuts and whatever. I tell you, I've had my share of cuts and wounds from wrong usage of "nippers" and clippers. In Coco Luca, they also make the nails shiny and clean by using a nail buffer.

 Zoya in Reagan for my fingernails

 Zoya Kennedy for my toenails

And since Coco Luca knows how precious time is, they dry the nails of their clients with this electronic dryer:

Overall, I enjoyed the service because the staff were very friendly and gentle. I like the signature lotion they used for the massage and I love the variety of colors and brands of polishes. Aside from nails, the have other services away. The only thing that would make a Coco Luca experience better? Free wifi! :) So if you are in the area and would want to get away and relax for awhile, why not get your nails done at Coco Luca!



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