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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best Tsokolate in Metro Manila- Via Mare

I have been craving for sweets specifically chocolates nowadays. I know it's not really the healthiest snack, but I just have to have em. I've been worrying actually, because my doctor advised me to only gain 1 pound per week and since I've been munching on chocolates, I somehow feel I've gained more than the limit the doctor gave me. Uh-oh. I will find out in 2 weeks on my next checkup.

We went to Subic for our anniversary and I finally found something that was just perfect. Yes, I know I discovered it in Subic so why is my title Best in Metro Manila? Simply because they also have a branch here in Manila. Thank goodness, at least I no longer need to drive to Subic just for it. So yes, I am talking about tsokolate. We had lunch at Via Mare (see I told you they have branches in Metro Manila too!) and I decided to order their Spanish Chocolate drink. It was around P80-85.00 and before ordering, I made sure that it was tsokolate and not just hot chocolate. Basically, it's a thicker kinda like pureed chocolate and then you just add in your milk. The waiter said it was so Munchkin jumped for joy! Haha!

I have finally found the Best Tsokolate in Metro Manila! (The best in the Philippines would be Apag Marangle's Tsokolate in Pampanga.) It's nice and thick in consistency but not too thick similar to churros' dip. (Believe me I was able to order a tsokolate drink like that and it wasn't fun drinking it.) It was not too sweet but you can definitely say its made from pure cocoa. I also like that they let me put how much milk I want. I don't really like my milk overpowering the chocolatey taste. Best of all? It's affordable and it's just the right size! 

Aside from my drink, another favorite order of mine when I go to Via Mare is their Chicken Arroz Caldo. It's a classic and an all time favorite. I was surprised when I ordered it and they gave me this huge bowl of Arroz Caldo. Again, I don't know if it's my appetite nowadays but I had a hard time finishing it because it was a really big serving! I'd say it's good for 2.

A good thing about their Arroz Caldo is the chicken. It's already cut into cubes, no bones. They used chicken breast which isn't really my favorite part, but it's healthy. I never fail to put calamansi and patis. It's a perfect meal for a gloomy weather such as now.

With these 2, I can honestly say it's starting to feel like Christmas! I'm so excited to go back to Via Mare once again!!! :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

YELLOWMUM: 24 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog + Winner Announcement

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

This is a little bit late because my life has just been so hectic lately. With our anniversary celebration, all the holidays and other commitments, I haven't found myself some time to actually sit down in front of the computer and just blog. :/

So I'm now 25 weeks and 5 days as I'm blogging this. This month has been the best one so far, simply because I finally learned the gender of my baby and also felt the baby move and kick. :) But the video was taken last October 22, 2012 (I was 24 Weeks 6 Days pregnant based on my LMP).

So yes we finally learned the gender of my baby. It's a girl!!! Even though my hubby was hoping for a boy, both of us are thrilled! The doctor said that it's still not 100% certain just because when I had my ultrasound, the baby was still a little bit small (20 weeks based on LMP). We plan to go for a 3D ultrasound next month not only to see the baby's features and movements but also to confirm the gender. I have never really been "into" surprises. :p

With this said, I want to congratulate Gizzele for winning the giveaway! (I already sent you an email. So if you're reading this, please check your email and reply asap.) Congratulations!!!

I was sick that start of October but maybe because I was having a hard time and was so worried about my munchkin, she decided to finally kick! It was October 9 at 1:47am when H and I first felt her kick. It was such a wonderful feeling because I knew that it was her way of letting me know that she's fine and I need not worry.

I am so thankful that I haven't been nauseated the past months and that I think morning sickness is finally over. But now I have a new symptom, lower back pains. Since I can't really get massages, I try to just live with it. Thankfully, H sometimes helps me out by massaging my lower back to help relieve the pain and it does feel better, but the next day it will go back. :( I think she's getting bigger and heavier so it's straining my back. But no worries, I can deal with it just as long as my baby is normal and healthy.

I've already started purchasing a few items for her as well. Someone said I'm already "nesting". Maybe I am? Or maybe I just want everything to be done so I don't have to worry and stress about them anymore. That's how I've always been. ;) We also finally have a stroller and a playpen, courtesy of my aunt. She donated my cousin's stroller and playpen. We assembled it and saw that it was still in good shape, so we decided we'll use those for munchkin. Next on my list is a crib. I really want to try co-sleeping because I've always wanted to breastfeed my child. So we plan to get a crib that we can set up as a co-sleeper in our bedroom. We'll probably buy that after the holiday.

Lastly, I am so excited that come November 1, when we visit my late grandfather, I will now be able to tell him that I'm pregnant and introduce him to my munchkin. :) It brings joyous tears to my eyes just thinking about it. How I wish he's still alive to hold her and see her, but I know he'll be watching over her just as he always watches over us.

Till the next vlog! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Orchid Perfection Tutorial

Hey everyone! I know I have been MIA. I went on a trip to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. It still amazes me how time flies by so quickly. I've been married for 3 years now. Wow! Anyways, I've also been busy with taking care of myself and my little one. We're doing very well by the way. I just finished and passed my glucose test or OGTT. So far so good, few more months to go!

Anyways, before leaving for my trip, I posted a new makeup tutorial in my youtube channel. (Subscribe if you haven't already! As I will be doing a Random Q&A video once I reach 500 subscribers.) 

If you're tired of the usual black and silver smokey eye, why not go for a colored one? This is definitely one of my most favorite looks because I can go from day to night with this makeup look. I call it Orchid Perfection. :)

Products Mentioned:
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow in Winter Orchids
Lancome Color Design in Mochaccino
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese
Anna Sui White Eyeshadow 01
LuLu Makeup Gel Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
Careline Lipgloss 107

Other Products Used:
NYX HD Photogenic Primer
K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer in 01, 02
Colour Collection Skin Perfecting Dual Powder Foundation in Medium Beige 
K-Palette Real Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow 01

Brushes Used:

What do you guys think? Pretty easy right? Simple yet it's got just the right amount of edge. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream

I received a message on twitter asking me about my new skin care now that I'm pregnant. I'll hopefully do a video or a blog post about that. But to give you an idea, I am trying to use natural or organic products as much as I can. I know that it's safer for me to use and won't harm my baby as well. I'm fortunate enough to have quite a good variety of products and brands.

I recently purchased Human Nature products from Rustans as I was doing my grocery shopping. I picked up three items that I needed and wanted to test out. If you're like me, I'm always up for testing different products because I don't have too sensitive skin. Also I'm always willing to try out natural products because I'm a curious cat like that.

 Balancing Face Toner for Combination & Oiy Skin
100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream
Feminine Wash

Although I have already been using these products for weeks, I want to focus on the 100% Natural  Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen first. They say it helps stimulate the regeneration of your skin and infuses it with maximum moisture while you sleep.

I really like the packaging because it has a pump which makes it easier to dispense the product. It's also easy to measure a pea size amount with this cap.

The first thing I checked on was the scent. I personally didn't like it. It smelled a little like sugar and water. It's not that it's annoying but I would have wanted that they made it unscented instead of having this scent.

Next thing I noticed and actually liked was the consistency. It's very very light in consistency. And I can say it's got more water than cream to it which is something that I'm looking for these days. It's been humid instead of cold, even though it's already October. This Moisturizing Night Cream hydrates the skin well enough but doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

Once blended, it feels like second skin. It's very light, I can even recommend this to males who hate putting on moisturizer because it feels eeky. In the morning, when I try and feel my skin, it feels moisturized enough. Even though it doesn't feel as soft as when I use my Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Night Cream which had a thicker consistency, I still like the result that it gives when I wake up in the morning.

Overall, I like the product. It's 1100% natural, perfect for the weather and it's infused with plant collagen which helps give maximum nourishment to the skin. My only problem is the scent, but obviously the pros outweigh the con. It's also priced cheap, I got it for only P149.75 for 50ml.

2 out of 3 Schnauzers

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skye Avenue Loot

Here's another first look at my recent purchases! I talked about one of the products in my 21 Weeks Pregnancy post. I bought two products from Skye Avenue, an online store here in the Philippines and they even sent me a sample of Ecorre BB Cream.

My skin has become earlier ever since I got pregnant. I don't know if it's because of hormones or whatever but I noticed that my tzone oil up faster now. So I decided to hunt down oil control products and decided to give Krave Minerals Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator a try. So far I have been using it as a finishing powder. I use it after doing my makeup and I think it's pretty good. I'll probably do a more detailed review on this with photos.

I finally bought a new NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. I bought the one  in Milk. I am in love with my Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese especially for the inner corners of my eyes. However, I feel like it's not a very good base especially if I want to go with a matte eyeshadow. And so, I purchased Milk so I can use it as a  base for my looks!

And surprise surprise, I was given a sample of Ecorre Artist BB Cream! I haven't really heard of this so I'm quite intrigued on how this looks and works on me! Will let you guys know! :p

You can LIKE Skye Avenue's facebook page: :) Alright, so that's it for today. Go enjoy your weekend! :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

Powderazzi by Benefit

Just like last year, I went to this year's Philippine Cosmetic Expo once again. I gotta say they've improved somehow. It was somehow bigger and there were more "interesting" booths. Even though there were a lot of booths, I actually ended up just buying 2 things. I was saving up some money so I can buy more maternity stuff and actually ended up hauling maternity wear that afternoon.

So anyways, this was my little makeup haul for the day:

 Benefit Powderazzi
MeMeMe Boho Balm
(Soft Touch Auto Liner- I bought from the Etude House boutique in SM Megamall)

Today I will be talking about Benefit's Powderazzi. First of all, I got this because I really wanted to get Hoola and Coralista. I was surprised when I found out that there's a set that had the two products I wanted in 1. So obviously I couldn't pass on the opportunity and got Powderazzi right away.I bought this so I could add it to my makeup stash. I always want a good variety of blushes for my clients. It also helps me pick out shades that suit their skin tones better.

 Dallas, Coralista and Hoola

We all know how cute the packaging of Benefit is! I'm always drawn to either simple or really cute packaging. It's extremes I know but simple packaging like that of MAC, I've always felt looks more professional. And of course cute and girly packaging is always an eye candy!

The product has three cheek colors and it already comes with a brush. I don't really use the brush just because I feel like the brush is too small and it takes more time to apply the product on. Unfortunately when I got home, my newly purchased Powderazzi fell and when I checked on it, Coralista cracked. :(

As I mentioned, I bought this because of Hoola and Coralista. I didn't realize that Dallas is really pretty too. It's a deep brown shade that has a lot of shimmer. I would recommend using it sparingly on the cheeks so it won't look too muddy.

Here's a closer view of the colors:

I was able to use it on a client just recently. I decided to use Hoola as contour, Coralista as blush and just popped a little bit of Dallas on the cheekbones just for added shimmer. I love how natural looking it turned out! :)

Well I feel like this is definitely a good deal! Did I mention I bought it for only P600? What a steal right? I love good bargain! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nippon Savior: Dual Cotton Tips!

A lot of people including myself use cotton buds on almost a daily basis. I personally use them for makeup to clean up mistakes that I've made during makeup application, clean and remove my eye makeup, smudge out liner and so on. The only thing that I would have wanted is that they're a lot pointed and slimmer to reach those really small areas on my eyes.

Thank goodness for Nippon for bringing Dual Cotton Tips in the market! I received a loot from Nippon Esthetic Solutions awhile back and they sent really great stuff for a makeup artist like myself.

I will be talking about the other products they sent me next time. Today I want to focus on dual cotton tips! :) What they are are slimmer version of our regular cotton buds. They're pretty long so it's easy to handle. And the best part is their pointed tip!

100 sticks/ P30.00

I use the pointed tip to smudge out eyeliner or eyeshadow on my lower lashline. They're small enough to fit the lower lashline and not poke the eye at all! I like the rounded tip to remove any mistakes. Using a little bit of cleansing oil or eye makeup remover, gently pat and swipe the rounded tip to the area and voila, it's gone- without disturbing the rest of the eye makeup.

I have been using these dual cotton tips not only for myself but also for my clients. You see, these are very handy for makeup gigs! A client was surprised on how slim the dual cotton tips are and of course I explained to her the importance and benefits of using them instead of our ordinary cotton buds.

If you want to get a hold of these dual cotton tips, you can email Nippon Esthetic Solutions at or contact them at 02-5845988 or check their catalog at Yes these wonderful tools are brought to you by the people from Studio SnR.:)

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FOTD: Blues & Silvers

Time flies by so quickly! I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like the months have been moving on a  fast pace and Christmas is getting near! You know how it is here in the Philippines right? I have been hearing Christmas carols all over and have been seeing Christmas decors. Planning to buy a small Christmas tree for our own home sometime soon.

Anyways, talking about days going by so fast, my friend Cee has been planning her wedding and finally the day has arrived last Sunday. I went only to the reception to my dismay because of some beliefs and traditions since I'm pregnant. And because we're already in the "being careful" stage because we already know that the baby is thriving and growing well inside me, I decided to go with it and just attend her reception.

Here's my FOTD that night:

Products Used:
NYX HD Primer
Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
Beauty Credit Matte Liquid Foundation #23
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover
K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer 01 and 02
Flawless Forever Sheer Powder
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer (bronzer for contour only)
NYX Mosaic Powder in Plummy
Krave Minerals Oil Eliminator & Ski Hydrator
Etude House Proof 10 Makeup Fixer

Eyes: (unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the close up photo of my eyes)
Modelco Eyebrow Powder in Dark
MAC Browset
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Victoria Secret Mega Makeup Kit (eyeshadows: Dark Blue, Silver and Black)
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Buck and Virgin)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express
Bangkok False Eyelashes

Etude House Soft Touch Lip Liner
Clinique Lipstick in Pinkberry


I decided to do an Updo Braid. If you follow me on Instagram (yellowyum), I posted a similar hairstyle a week ago. I asked my hubby to assist me in doing my hairstyle because my hair's already pretty long and I had a hard time pinning in place. I'd say he did a pretty good job, don't you think? (Thanks babe!)

That is it! If you want a tutorial on this hairstyle, do let me know. I'll probably get a model for this so it's easier to show you. :)

CO: K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer

I know I haven't done a Current Obsession post for so long, so I decided to post one now! :)

It is sooo hard to leave the house with absolutely no makeup on but I try to do one or two days without it just to let my skin breathe. However, there are days (most of the time) when I feel like I just need to cover some imperfections, and by that I mean my undereye area.

The first makeup I ever bought for myself was a concealer. Growing up with combination skin means getting pimples every now and then and of course, who never experienced sleeping so late and looking like a panda the next morning? Those were my woes back then and up until now, I always say that I cannot live without concealers. As far as I know, I have found my perfect companion in K-Palette's Zero Kuma Concealer.

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer works to hide undereye circles and skin discoloration naturally and flawlessly. After applying, your eyes will instantly look more awake! The long-lasting, light weight eye concealer is also formulated with beauty serum to care for your sensitive eye areas while concealing your eye imperfection. Available in 3 different shades with 3 different beauty serums!

 01- moisturizing, most commonly used
02- brightening for dull skin and pigmentation
03- improve blood circulation

Here are the swatches:

Why do I say it's the best concealer I've tried so far? Let me count the ways.
1. Very nice packaging. It's very sanitary and I would use it for my clients as well.
2. A little goes a long way.
3. The colors are more on the peachy side, which is perfect for undereye concealing.
4. It is highly pigmented and very creamy.
5. It doesn't crease on my folds.
6. Once set with a little bit of loose powder, it stays on the entire day!
7, It looks really natural, especially Type 01.

Nada. Some people may say that it's quite pricey, but a tube will last for months!

Here are some photos to prove how perfect the product is!

 Left- Type 03
Right- no concealer

 Left- Type 03 and 02
Right- no concealer

 Used Type 03 and 02 on top

I took these photos and video when I just started my second trimester. So you can imagine how stressed I was with my morning sickness and how I weak I was from all the nausea. But with just a little bit of concealing, I look so much well rested already! Sometimes you can cheat with makeup! :p

I honestly love this product to bits! I don't use all of the 3 concealers all together everytime, sometimes I just use Type 01 or 03 alone and it still looks really good. :)

I highly recommend K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. I assure you you won't be disappointed. You simply got to check it out! They're available at all branches of Beauty Bar.

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q&A Random Questions Announcement!

Another quick announcement! First of all, I have to say thank you to everyone who have supported me and who are still showing their love! :) I really appreciate each and every subscription, like and comment. I have also been receiving some emails with quite a long list of questions and some of those questions have been asked frequently. Although I appreciate the emails from my viewers and followers, I figured it would be easier to just do a Q&A video.

I will be doing the video once I receive 500 subscriptions in my Youtube channel. :D I will try to answer all of your questions in that video so do send in all your questions. You can comment here, in my youtube, email me, tweet me or facebook your questions.

Again thank you so much and definitely, there will be a lot more posts and videos from Yellow Yum. :D

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pooch Park BGC Opens on Oct 5, 2012!

Hey guys, I mentioned before that I've been busy with our new project that we've been working on for the past couple of months. Well I am excited and proud to announce that Pooch Park is now coming to BGC! Pooch Park's fourth and newest branch will be at the 2nd Floor Main Mall of Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig! And it opens on October 5, 2012!

We have gotten quite a lot of requests from our clients from the South  to put up a branch nearer their place, so alas Pooch Park Fort branch is born. :) We still have a lot more surprises in store for our much valued clients and for those who still haven't Experienced the Difference of Pooch Park, I definitely hope you give us a try and drop by with your beloved pets!

Hope to see you on October 5! :)

Pooch Park branches:
ORTIGAS: 181 Ortigas Home Depot Complex, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig
PASIG: Level 4 Robinsons Metro East Mall, Marcos Highway, Pasig
CUBAO: Ground Floor New Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
FORT: 2nd Floor Main Mall Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Kanebo's Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop

Come one come all! Here'a an exciting event for everyone who wants to learn how to do their own makeup! Kanebo is having their Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop this October 12, 2012 at East Cafe in Rustan's Makati. Guest makeup artist Ms. Suzanne Tan will be the instructor and will also offer makeovers too! Makeup and all makeup tools will be provided but if you opt to bring your own, of course you may.

Now here's where it becomes more fun! Kanebo is offering 5 Yellow Yum readers 50% discount on the workshop fee which is P1000.00. Did I mention that everything will already be provided? There will be 2 sessions that you may choose from 10am -12 noon and 3-5pm

Inclusions: Skincare consultations and applications and endless makeover from our new Lunasol collection.

Here are the mechanics:
1. Like Kanebo's Facebook Fanpage.
2. Tweet me: I want to attend the #RadiantBeauty workshop of @kanebo_ph @MsYellowYum
3. Comment on this blog post with the following: Name, Email Address, "Liked Kanebo's Facebook", "Tweeted about the workshop".

The first 5 people to do this will get the 5 slots for Yellow Yum readers and will only need to pay P500.00 for the much awaited workshop!

So that's it! Enjoy and stay beautiful ladies! :D

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