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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Amazing Spider(dog)

I know everybody has been talking about Batman Dark Knight Rises not just because of the movie but also because of the tragedy in Colorado. I may never really understand why people do this. I love watching Criminal Minds because I feel like somehow it shows us why criminals behave a certain way or so. It's really devastating and very sad.

Before learning about the incident, I have already seen the trailer and thought that I don't think I would watch it. It was just too dark and too dramatic. I remember I watched the last Batman and didn't really enjoy it that much. It was just too intense. And now that there was a crime connected to the movie, somehow it traumatized me too. So I knew that I will definitely not be watching this movie, even though my husband has been bugging me nonstop!

One superheo movie that I watched recently and enjoyed was the Amazing Spiderman. I remember I didn't know what to expect because I was already used to seeing Toby as the Spiderman and now it was a different actor. But you know what, I actually enjoyed it. I thought that Andrew Garfield was a great Spiderman. He was this geeky, nerdy loner kid and he still looked hot and superheroish.

I'm so excited when I saw the new shirts available in Pooch Park. I thought that they looked really cute!

I personally liked the shirt with spider design. I feel like it's "maangas". I can imagine Boo wearing it. :) So cute! The shirts are already available at Pooch Park and it's available in small, medium and large.

So you can visit any of the branch of Pooch Park to get your pooch a cute spidey shirt!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

K-Palette Bloggers' Workshop with Noriko Imura

It was a very rainy and stormy day but obviously that did not stop me from attending the first K-Palette event! It was a very special event because K-Palette's Japanese makeup artist, Noriko Imura, will be holding the workshop! As a makeup artist, it is very important for me to continuously learn from other artists as well.

Noriko Imura is a makeup artist and product development leader of K-Palette Japan. She's been in the beauty industry for 20 years. She's a makeup to celebrities, models and also trains salon staff. Her specialties are making eyes look bigger and design eyebrows based on skeletal analysis. That is extremely impressive!

Aisaku who was our host that day did a great job. I was a little surprised that a man was hosting but he showed that he actually knew a lot about the products. Amazing! He also spoke fluent Japanese too. He was Noriko's interpreter that day and we thank him a lot!

Cheryl Chua of Beauty Box is the one responsible for K-Palette in the Philippines shared how she discovered K-Palette products and why she decided to bring it to the country. She first learned about K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyebrow when she visited Singapore and ever since, she has been hooked on the products and knew that Filipinas will fall head over heels as well!

After applying the foundation and base makeup, Noriko introduced the newest product of K-Palette, Zero Kuma Concealer. It has three shades/purposes. #1 is for moisturizing, #2 is for brightening and #3 for better blood circulation.

Kuma means bear in Japanese. Obviously, it symbolizes dark circles or eyebags. The Zero Kuma Concealer eliminates those and makes the face fresh and the eyes more wide awake.

Noriko applied very very little amount of the concealer to cover Aimee's eyebags. She used #3 because she says that Aimee's undereye isn't dry but dark because of blood circulation. Of course she applied it with a patting motion so as not to tug the undereye.

Then Noriko used #2 for the other parts of her face such as the redness on the sides of her nose.

Now when it was time to do the eyebrows, everyone cheered! It's pretty obvious that all the bloggers feel that doing eyebrows is so important. It frames the face and completes the look.

I have actually used the Real Lasting Eyebrow many many times already and have talked about how much I love it because of how natural it looks and makes my eyebrows look! However, K-Palette just recently launched new eyebrow products, the Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow.

This 2 way eyebrow liner comes with an additional powder tip to enhance brows even more naturally (same liquid eyebrow liner as the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner + powder tip)

Noriko used the powder tip first and filled in the gaps. This gives it a 3 dimensional eyebrow look. And then she used the liquid tip for the outer eyebrows. And I just have to mention that this stays put the entire day even when you sweat. Tried and tested! ;)

Now it was time to line the eyes! I have been using the Real Lasting Eyeliner almost everytime I do my makeup. It's smudge proof, it doesn't crease. It's simply the best liquid eyeliner I've tried. I also like that the tip is very flexible which makes it very easy to maneuver.

They also introduced the limited edition packaging of the Super Black Real Lasting Eyeliner! It's pink!!!! Isn't it super super cute? :)

Noriko showed us how to apply eyeliner to make it natural looking. Here is her illustration:

In case you're wondering, Noriko used the powder tip of the 2 Way Eyebrow Liner on Aimee's crease. ;)

I swear, Japanese women put eyeliner so easily and so beautifully! I remember when I was trying to put eyeliner on myself the first time, it took me forever to finish and I couldn't do a straight line. Haha! Didn't we all start that way?

Noriko also showed us how to line the eyes and wing it at the end. She says this is more of a "glamorous look". She also used the same eyeliner to line the lower lashline. 

Here is the result: Soooo beautiful!

Before ending the workshop, she even demonstrated lining chinita Michelle. It's very challenging because Michelle's eyes were hooded, she doesn't have a fold and her eyes tend to droop making the liner invisible.

Noriko applied the liner thicker so that when Michelle opens her eyes, the black line will still be seen and it will look natural.

Noriko also put on false lashes (demi lashes) just to amp up the look!

I was able to take more photos of Aimee:

 - flash

 + flash

I also decided to take close up photos of her eye makeup:

 - flash

 + flash

Noriko said that the fad in Japan right now is looking mature but still cute. She explained that you can change the shape of the eyebrows, like making it shorter to achieve that "cuteness". Kawaii! :p

 Noriko and Aimee

The rest of the K Palette team were also there in attendance to show their support:

 Regional sales/distributors from Singapore

 Mr. Kinoshita, president of K-Palette
What an honor to meet him!

 Richard and Cheryl Chua of Beauty Box
Distributor of K-Palette in the Philippines

 Thank you Cheryl for the invite! :D

I have been going gaga over Japanese products and K-Palette just brought me back to my addiction! All of their products are superb and worth every cent! :)

Excited to use these and review them!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colour Collection Triple Treat Color Stick

One of the facts that my readers would know about me is that I like lip colors- a whole lot! It's really something that I need to give myself a little color. I usually bring at least 2 colors in my purse everytime I go out.

One of the lip colors that I find myself bringing when I travel is my Colour Collection Triple Treat Lip, Cheek, Eye Color Stick in Lots of Rose. I really like this stick because of the pretty pink shade. Also, it's a multi purpose product which I really like because with only 1 product, you can already achieve a complete look!

They say that this can be used for the lips, cheeks and eyes. I have only used it for my lips and cheeks though. It's matte and it's pretty dry. When I use it for my lips, I make sure to put lip balm first because it's dry. However, I feel like the reason why it's dry is because you can use it for the cheeks and eyes. Imagine if it's sticky and you have to put it on your eyelid, that's just strange. :p

When I put it on my cheeks, that's when I thank the heavens that it's not moisturizing. It just felt like I was putting on a blush. It also looks very natural on me- looks like I am just blushing. ;)

I haven't tried it on as eyeshadow yet because I have really really oily lids and I don't know how to apply it yet. :p From my past experience, when I apply cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow sticks, they tend to crease on me. Well, let me update you guys when I do.

Here are some swatches:

 Applied straight from the tube

 Slightly blended

And here's a photo of me wearing it on my cheeks and lips when I visited Baguio:

What do you think? I wonder if you're also open to using a multi-purpose product and what products those are? :) Share!

Disclaimer: Product given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Niscenssa Direct Sales' Online Store

I was invited by Nisce as they launch their glam online store, Niscenssa ( Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin 'n Face now has an online store so we consumers can order thru the online store for any Nisce product.

The event was held at Secret Recipe in SM Megamall.

While waiting for more people to come, singer Camille Cortez entertained us and sang a couple of songs. Honestly, I don't know who she is (I don't watch TV that much anymore), but I thought that she rocked it.

Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and CEO of Nisce Skin 'n Face, introduced Niscenssa to us. Niscenssa Direct Sales is a direct selling company and this is because they want people to be able to shift to entrepreneurship. For only P1,200 you will already get an entry pack and start your own business. It also aims to bring effective and great quality products within everyone's reach.

The online store features the full range of quality Niscenssa Direct skin care products. This is definitely a great news for customers because it's all for the convenience of the consumers. Niscenssa products are all dermatologist tested and approved. They are actually formulated by Atty. Nisce's mother. 

"As we want to bring beauty within everyone's reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this,w e aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers."

The Niscenssa Direct products are categorized to four brands, Blaise- skin care line formulated for men. Dr. Skin- focuses on whitening, acne treatment and prevention and age defying. Nisce is for the soap products (whitening, exfoliating and organic) and the makeup line is under Niscenssa. All of these are available in their online store.

That evening, the new ambassador was also introduced to us. It's none other than the stunning Bela Padilla.

With her fair and flawless skin, it's no wonder they chose Bela to represent the brand. I have heard her interviews before and thought that she was very smart and articulate, and during the event, she answered all the questions really well. She looked like Snow White! Very beautiful. :)

 Plus I love her makeup that evening!
I later on learned that Jigs Mayuga did her makeup. :)

She was nice enough to pose for photos. :) She also mentioned that her favorite products are under Dr. Skin. She likes the lotions a lot because it's very effective and lightening her complexion.

It was a fun event! I'm definitely looking forward to checking out their new online store and placing my order! You can also visit it at


Thank you Nisce!

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