Best Tsokolate in Metro Manila- Via Mare

I have been craving for sweets specifically chocolates nowadays. I know it's not really the healthiest snack, but I just have to have em. I've been worrying actually, because my doctor advised me to only gain 1 pound per week and since I've been munching on chocolates, I somehow feel I've gained more than the limit the doctor gave me. Uh-oh. I will find out in 2 weeks on my next checkup.

We went to Subic for our anniversary and I finally found something that was just perfect. Yes, I know I discovered it in Subic so why is my title Best in Metro Manila? Simply because they also have a branch here in Manila. Thank goodness, at least I no longer need to drive to Subic just for it. So yes, I am talking about tsokolate. We had lunch at Via Mare (see I told you they have branches in Metro Manila too!) and I decided to order their Spanish Chocolate drink. It was around P80-85.00 and before ordering, I made sure that it was tsokolate and not just hot chocolate. Basically, it's a thicker kinda like pureed chocolate and then you just add in your milk. The waiter said it was so Munchkin jumped for joy! Haha!

I have finally found the Best Tsokolate in Metro Manila! (The best in the Philippines would be Apag Marangle's Tsokolate in Pampanga.) It's nice and thick in consistency but not too thick similar to churros' dip. (Believe me I was able to order a tsokolate drink like that and it wasn't fun drinking it.) It was not too sweet but you can definitely say its made from pure cocoa. I also like that they let me put how much milk I want. I don't really like my milk overpowering the chocolatey taste. Best of all? It's affordable and it's just the right size! 

Aside from my drink, another favorite order of mine when I go to Via Mare is their Chicken Arroz Caldo. It's a classic and an all time favorite. I was surprised when I ordered it and they gave me this huge bowl of Arroz Caldo. Again, I don't know if it's my appetite nowadays but I had a hard time finishing it because it was a really big serving! I'd say it's good for 2.

A good thing about their Arroz Caldo is the chicken. It's already cut into cubes, no bones. They used chicken breast which isn't really my favorite part, but it's healthy. I never fail to put calamansi and patis. It's a perfect meal for a gloomy weather such as now.

With these 2, I can honestly say it's starting to feel like Christmas! I'm so excited to go back to Via Mare once again!!! :D



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