Hair Tie that Stays Put!

I have always had long hair ever since I could remember, I never felt that short hair suits me. Since my hair is quite sparse and sometimes too silky, it's so hard for me to find a hair tie that perfectly fits my hair and stays put the entire day! 

Thank heavens Goody has their Goody Girl collection. My favorite would have to be the Strawberry Hair Tie, StayPut Hold. Why? Because it really does stay put and it's so friggin' cute! It doesn't mean that even though I'll be a mum soon, I have to stop my love for cute accessories right?

Goody StayPut patent-pending technology provides 52% more hold than traditional elastics. The collection comes in a variety of styles and sizes to securely hold all hair lengths and types.

The first time that I used this was when I went to my trip to Bangkok and ever since I've just been loving it! I can wear my hair in a pony or put it all up with this hair tie!

The tie is also ouchless! Honestly, another thing that I loved about it is that it doesn't cause damage to my hair and doesn't lead my hair to break. I suffer from hairfall so it's important that I don't use products that may cause more hair fall. I remember my dad asking me if I was sick because my hair fall was THAT bad. :/

I still have a couple of Goody products and all of them are superb! My favorites if you ask me would have to be my Spin Pins (whcih I talked about here) and this StayPut Hold hair tie! :D How about you?

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.



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