Travel Vlog: Bangkok, Thailand

Happy Tuesday everyone! I just realized it’s almost a month since my Bangkok trip and I haven’t blogged it here yet. So here it is! We went to Bangkok, Thailand last May and even though it wasn’t my first time in the country, it was my first time to try and vlog what we do, where we go and what we eat. What you see is not even close to what Bangkok has to offer! So if you love food or enjoy shopping, visit Bangkok!

Let me just say I LOVE Terminal 21! I could stay there the entire day. The design of the place, the themes, it’s all well thought of! Oh and luckily, there was a Food Expo when we went to Bangkok. So during our last day, we decided to visit the expo also. It was HUGE!!!

DAY 1: Terminal 21 Mall – May 18 & 19, 2012

DAY 2: Chatuchak & JJ Mall – May 20, 2012

DAY 3: Sukishi Buffet – May 21, 2012
DAY 4: Thai Food & Makeup Kit – May 22, 2012
DAY 5: Food Expo – May 23, 2012

Hope you enjoyed my little trip and vlogs! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Charlene Tan

I'm Char from the Philippines, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a professional makeup artist, a beauty and lifestyle blogger and a Youtuber. I know that a modern woman wears a lot of hats and my blog is a peek at a modern womanโ€™s life. I babble about beauty, motherhood, food, travel and a whole lot more.

  • Jay

    great vlog!!! most of them are located along BTS, right?

  • Hi Jay, yes most of them are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Don't drive yourself in Thailand, you get in an accident it could cost you a lot of money because rules are equal for all the peoples in Thailand i am at the tour of US bus from columbus to new york city

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