I Love Beauty, I Do! :)

I'm going to Roxas City today! :) Do check out my youtube channel because I will be doing a travel vlog. :) But before I leave I want to talk about the most recent workshop that I attended which was that of Studio SnR's. It's the I Love Beauty Series. The moment I saw the invitation, I made sure to clear my schedule to make sure that I'm available to attend it.

It was held at the ever-so-famous Studio SnR. This was my second time to go to Studio SnR and as always, it was a very welcoming ambiance. :) I saw Sydney right away and said our Hi's and Hello's.

On our table, our Studio SnR pack was already waiting together with a set of makeup brushes that we can use.

The whole duration of the workshop, there was overflowing food.

 Serenitea finally!

The workshop was organized by Studio SnR and the guest speakers were Garnier, Maybelline's Archie Tolentino and Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats.

Sydney Go opened the floor and welcomed us to the I Love Beauty workshop. Then turned it over to Nikki to talk about the importance of skin care.

I personally feel very strongly about skin care to the point that I feel like it's actually more important than makeup as you are taking care of your skin and not just putting on product on top.

Nikki also told us that we should spend more time in cleansing our face and removing all out makeup. We usually spend so much time putting on our makeup and just 5 minutes to remove it. Apparently, it should be the same amount of time or at least close to it. This will help prevent large pores.

 We were able to use products from Garnier

Next was makeup proper. For this, Archie Tolentino asked for a volunteer to be the model so we can replicate what he does to the model.

We started with our eyebrows. He taught us how to use eyebrow pencils. To be honest, I'm not really used to using eyebrow pencils, I prefer powder. I usually just use eyebrow pencils to frame my brows and then filll it with eyebrow powder. Even for my clients, I also use this technique.

Next is concealing. New thing I learned from the workshop! For the undereyes, Archie said that it's best to use a peach tone concealer because this will cancel out the darkness of your eyebags. Of course, using the ring finger or a concealer brush is essential to blend the concealer well to the skin.

 Angelfit Perfect Concealer #2

Just like what I always say, set the concealer after with some powder. You can use a sheer powder or a powder closest to your skin tone. This will keep the concealer in place.

Pure Pact Mineral OC1

Before moving on to foundation, we did our eye makeup first. We were free to use whatever eyeshadow we want. There were so many testers that Maybelline prepared for us to use.

I chose this eyeshadow palette for a more neutral look. Also, Archie said that he wants our eyeliner to be the main focus of the eye makeup.

 Eye Studio LuminEyes in Red Brown

He proceeded demonstrating how to apply the eyeshadows on the eyes. While Nikki goes around helping all the participants with their makeup.

Next was eyeliner. There were three eyeliners that were laid out for us. Liquid, pencil and gel. I remember Archie saying "If you're up for the challenge, go for the gel liner." And so obviously I did. :)

 Last Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black

Next was mascara. We were all able to try the newest mascara of Maybelline, Falsies. I've been hearing and seeing this in other youtube gurus and was very intrigued. In fact, I was supposed to buy this when I went to Duty Free in Subic (but decided on getting Maybelline Collosal).

 The Falsies

Then we were asked to put on foundation. I tried their new foundation. Before the workshop started, Nikki went around and helped us swatch the foundations to find the perfect shade for that matches our skin tone.

Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

I also decided to set my entire makeup with powder once again.

Archie showed us the different ways to put on blush. For round face women, apply it on the cheeks but bring it towards the hairline. For oval faces or those with a longer face, keep and concentrate the blush on the apples of the cheeks.

 Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush in Fresh Berry

Last was to put on lipstick. Archie said that in the Philippines, we usually tend to go for with pink lips or a nudish pink color. I have to agree. I think it's because it's the safest lip color for any skin tone.

I decided to combine two lipsticks:

 Warm Me Up 235

 Totally Toffee 215

So here's my final look:

Unlike other workshops, I liked the fact that both Archie and Nikki were very hands on and really helped each of the participants out. I doubt that there was one participant who felt out of place.

Studi SnR also made sure that we have everything that we need. In fact, we were not asked to bring anything at all!

We got to take home some goodies from Maybelline and Garnier too!

Also, we got some personal care items from Studio SnR. I love that they gave us samples of Parian Brush Cleaner! I can't wait to try it!

Did I mention this was the first time I was able to try Serenitea? Well well well, I guess it won't be last! They gave us some gc and discount coupons!

Of course I could not leave the workshop without having my photos taken with the gracious hosts of the I Love Beauty Series.

 with THE Archie Tolentino

 with Nikki!

 Mr. & Mrs. Askmehwats
Newlyweds ang peg? :p

 with Sydney Go of Studio SnR

I had such a wonderful time! I learned new tricks in doing makeup, learned about the new products of Maybelline and Garnier and was able to test the out, finally met Nikki and also meeting and talking to Archie who was so helpful!

I hope this won't be the last workshop I attend from Studio SnR. They've got a great facility and just a little side tip, they have parking space too! How convenient is that right? :)

So yes, to end this post, I have to confess... "I LOVE BEAUTY." ;)



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