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If you are a follower on twitter or if you liked my facebook page, you probably have seen me tweet and post about the Meet and Greet with Judy of ItsJudyTime. I have to say I was ecstatic when I learned that she was holding another M&G in Manila and I made sure I was present!
The Meet & Greet was held at Red Mango in SM Mall of Asia and I think I’ve said this in twitter, I don’t go to SM MOA. Well for one thing, it’s really really really far from where I live. It takes about 2 hours just to go to the mall. Secondly, I find it to be too warm. There’s just so many people and there are only parts of the mall that’s airconditioned. However, since it’s Judy we are talking about, I made an exception. I dragged my husband along with me. :p
When Judy came, she looked so adorable- exactly what I was expecting. I have always thought that she’s so sweet. And she did not disappoint, she was super sweet and down to earth. And Benji was this supportive husband, standing beside her and letting her do her thing.

Benji vlogging for ItsJudysLife
We were asked to introduce ourselves and then we were given a chance to ask Judy whatever. We asked her things about her personal life, about beauty, makeup, what she was wearing that night, vlogging and youtube stuff. She was so gracious and she answered every single one!

I was seated with Teena and Say. I’m sure you know them from their youtube channels too.

 Teena & Say

After the Q&A portion, Judy said that she had some goodies for us. NYX sponsored some products! Yeeey! And mind you, most of the products that were in the bag aren’t available in the Philippines (or at least that’s what I think). :p
Benji decided to make it a game. They would ask questions and we have to answer them. Some questions were pretty basic especially if you are really subscribed and follow their videos regularly. But some were quite tricky too!
Hello NYX Goodies!

Okay, this will be fun!
Even in candid shots, they’re really a beautiful couple.

So everyone, obviously, tried to raise their hands and be the first to answer the questions!

In the end, everyone was able to get a loot bag! πŸ™‚ Ssswwwweeeetttt!

More on this next time πŸ™‚
After the loot bag giving, we headed straight out the store to get our photos taken with them. I was also able to snap a photo of Judy’s ever so supportive mom.
 Iba talaga ang pamilya ng Pinoy.
Picture time! πŸ™‚

 Say, Me, Sab and Andee
 Say, Me, Judy, Sab, Teena, Andee and Patricia
 with the now famous Kuya Randy πŸ™‚
I was able to grab some photos from Alyssa too. Thanks to Wowenkho Studios for the photos. 
 Alyssa, Teena & I
 Judy & I
Judy, S3 & I
You know what it’s an event I won’t forget because I got to meet one of my Youtube inspirations, Judy. But also because I met so many people who have the same passion as mine- beauty and makeup. I was able to meet some followers that I didn’t even know I had, old friends, new acquaintances. It was amazing. My adrenaline was pumping even when I got home!
So thank you to Judy for this opportunity to meet you, Benji and also my fellow Youtubers, bloggers and makeup enthusiasts. You have inspired me and given me the guts to start my own channel and to help other women be and feel more beautiful and for that, I thank you.
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  • Wow! you're so lucky!! πŸ™‚

  • oh my gosh i so like her! and matangkad ka pa ky judy hehe… i thought she was like 6 sumtin'… oh well inngit ako sa mga goodies! πŸ™‚ oh of course i love teena and say and you too… well kayong lahat, you are all my inspiration when it comes to make ups! keep it up girl!

  • yay! you're so lucky to meet them.. πŸ™‚ Great photos! Happy for you Miss Char! And panalo ang shot with Kuya Randy! <3

  • wow! di ko alam na nakatag pala dito ang blog ko.. thank you ate Char! <3 hope we meet again!

  • Their vlogs are like my reality tv in YT. If only I could fly to Manila that easy, I would definitely be there. Thanks for sharing some great photos!

  • Thank you ladies! So nice to know that there's so many of us out there who loves Judy's videos. haha! I only wish to achieve what she's achieved and become. πŸ™‚

  • Rae

    wow you guys are tall!

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