Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Two Way Cake Moist Review

I have been reserving this review for quite a long time because I wanted to make sure I give myself enough time to test it out. I bought my Lovely Q10 Two Way Cake Moist when I went to Subic last year and I got to using it just the latter part of December for I’m trying to finish up other products that I own.

Beauty Credit is a Korean brand and they have a couple of stalls here in Metro Manila. I have been going gaga over Korean and Japanese brands recently. I feel like they have really good powders and foundations. I also have the Lovely Q10 Liquid Foundation Mat and I am head over heels in love with it! Since I don’t usually use liquid foundation, I had to buy a powder compact for my eveyrday use.

I mentioned in my video that I initially wanted to purchase the Two Way Cake Mat, however it was out of stock. So I settled for the Moist variant. I really wanted to get this because when I tried it out (before purchasing), I thought that it gave really nice medium coverage.

It’s also a big PLUS that the packaging is really really cute! The compact comes with a sponge and a mirror. And you can also buy refills. In fact I actually bought another refill of this. It's very easy to replace.

I got the shade #23 or Natural Beige and actually this is the darkest shade that they have. I’m not really that dark, I’m a MAC NC30. So I think that’s one problem that some people may encounter if you want to purchase this.

So here is a photo when I used it:

Even though it’s the Moisturizing variant and not the matte variant, it did not make me oil up too much. I think that Matte version “may” be better in terms of keeping oilies at bay, but this still didn’t make me look greasy! I had to retouch once because we were going to take photos and I did not want to risk any oiliness.

Here are photos when I got home, after 5-6 hours after application with just 1 retouching of sheer powder:

I’m quite impressed. Again this is the Moist variant so it’s intended for normal to dry skin. But it worked quite well for me. I would still want to try the matte variant just so I can compare. But honestly, I’m really really happy I bought this and bought a refill! I love the coverage because it’s not too heavy. It’s a good everyday powder foundation for people who need coverage. As for me, I only wear this when the occasion calls for it since I don’t need a lot of coverage anyways. But I like the fact that it makes my skin smooth looking!

 2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers



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