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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tony Moly Makeup Eraser Review & Demo

Hi everyone! It's the end of the month and I bid goodbye to my birthday month. But honestly, I'm still super psyched because of Christmas. It's my favorite holiday and I can't wait to dress up, be with my family and wear some festive makeup.

Wearing makeup for me is so natural but there are times I still make mistakes. I'm only human, you know? And when I do, I would usually have to do the entire makeup once again; especially on my clients, I always want them to be highly satisfied with my work so I obviously want to erase any mistakes. However, redoing makeup is not only time consuming but also hard to do. Makeup removers usually make it so difficult to reapply makeup.

Thank goodness I found Tony Moly Makeup Eraser. It's a God sent gift for a makeup artist like me. It makes retouching makeup such a breeze. :) I have created a short demo on how to use the Makeup Eraser.

Tony Moly Makeup Eraser can be used for eyeliner and mascara mistakes. And it's so convenient and easy to use. It's literally 1-2-3!

1. Lightly dab on a little bit of Makeup Eraser on the mistake.
2. Apply a little bit of loose powder on the area. This will absorb the excess makeup eraser formula.
3. Retouch eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

I don't know if other brands have something similar. But if you can't purchase this or don't have Tony Moly in your town, you can use a cleansing oil. The only down side is you have to control the amount of cleansing oil you use as makeup is more difficult to adhere to the skin once cleansing oil has already touched that area. I do feel like it's something everyone whether they be a makeup newbie or a professional makeup artist should have. It just makes life easier! Haha! :)


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cellutite for my Chin

Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you about one of my insecurities. I know that we're all human and we all have our own quirks and insecurities. And for me, it has always been my double chin. Ever since I was a kid, I have always had double chin. Even if I diet or I lose weight, I still have double chin. I think it's probably just how my face really is. I have a round face so it's more evident that I have a double chin. I would always contour my face to hide it a little.

So when I was given a chance to try Cellutite and they recommended it on my chin, I figured maybe this is the time I'll finally get to see a big improvement on my chin.

I was led to a private room where the treatment will be done.

As usual before the procedure started, I was asked to fill up a consent waiver form.

The machine that was to be used was Vela Smooth Pro. This is a rf vacuum hand held machine that will dissolve the fats and tighten the skin. They say that Cellutite is more effective than Shape and Sculpt because it also firms the face.

 I took a before photo of my face to see the results.

 Before Cellutite

I was asked to lie down and the therapist started cleaning my face with a warm cloth. After that, she put Velaspray lotion over my face and started the procedure. It simply felt like my skin was being vacuumed. There's a pulsing feeling from the machine. The machine also leaves a warm feeling because of the rf or radio frequency. It's not too hot nor not too cold.

Personally, I feel like it's pinching my skin. It doesn't hurt at all. It actually feels quite relaxing, because it feels like massage on the cheeks. Haha! The procedure starts from one side to another making sure that everything's balanced.

While the procedure was being done, my therapist told me that some of her clients actually don't undergo mesolipo or lipo anymore and just get the Cellutite package because it works just as well and a plus point is that it already tightens the area!

At times, the therapist would massage my cheeks and make sure that my skin does not feel too hot and that there's still enough lotion.

I was surprised when my therapist whipped up this yellow gun. Haha! Apparently it was a big thermometer. She checks the temperature of all sides of my face. She says that she keeps it at 36 max only for the face, because our face is more sensitive. For the rest of the body, max is 40.

The procedure took about 30-45 minutes and voila, done!

Here's the result:

Honestly I don't think that there's a lot of improvement. But you can see (photo below) that my chin actually became more pointed. It means that Cellutite contoured my face. Even though there was not much improvement, he warm rf really felt nice on the face too! Also, keep in mind that it was my first time and it was just one session. Like what my therapist told me, they usually recommend 6 sessions per area.

 Before & After

I was advised not to put anything on my face the rest of the day and not to wet it.

I personally would recommend this to those who want tightening because from my experience, that's what is more evident than fat burning. Or to those who have already undergone lipo or mesolipo, this is also a good maintenance for firming the skin.

What's your experience on this? Or have you tried something similar? Share your story. :)

Disclaimer: Service given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks Second Anniversary Giveaway

Here's another giveaway that I joined. :) I like the prizes and you might want to join too. :) For more information, you can visit My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks blog

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks turned two years old last month! And to celebrate this milestone, I am hosting a small giveaway for y'all. But before jumping into the details of the giveaway, allow me first to thank everyone of you for making my blogging journey incredibly delightful! I know that I am not perfect. I am an impulsive buyer (which explains the haul section on my menu bar), my pictures and swatches are not the greatest and I am definitely not the best blogger here in cyber town. But despite all my frailty, you all still chose to follow my beauty escapades, to trust my two-cents and to read my all-sort-of babbles. Gee, I am truly blessed!  

The Little Things She Needs Launch

It's almost Christmas so I'm pretty sure some of you have already started making your Christmas list and some may have started shopping. Well if you have some ladies on your list, you might want to drop by the newest fashionista haven in Eastwood and get The Little Things She Needs.

I was invited to the grand launching of The Little Thing She Needs a few weeks ago and was surprised with the variety of products they have.

The Little Things She Needs is an Indonesian brands that offers affordable, comfortable and trendy fashion finds without compromising quality. They already have over 19 stores in Indoneisa, 3 stores in Singapore, now they already opened in the Philippines and will also be opening a store in Thailand soon.

The Little Things She Needs caters to women who are fashion forward and who always want to stand out. I personally feel that my sister Dane, would love shopping here! Too bad she wasn't able to join me during the event.

 I went with LuLu Makeup Ambassadors Jes and Ann.

The first thing that caught my attention were the shoes. They were so cute and so cheap! You can find heels, wedges, flats- oh those flats!!! TLTSN actually specializes in footwear. They make sure to price them affordably without compromising quality and style.

Aside from the shoes, I also saw so many pretty and dainty accessories! As they say, you're not a certified fashionista if you don't have the perfect accessories to match your outift. 

TLTSN also offers bags, sunglasses, scraves and shawls, hair accessories, belts, wallets, cluthes and watches. You'll surely find something that tickles your fancy in this store.

When the program started, Mr. Freddie Pe and Ms. Joanna Balonso talked about how the brand started. Mr. Pe, remembering how he thought that it was a great idea to put everything a girl needs in just one store- "one stop shop." 

We make every girl updated to fashion and when we say up to date, we do mean up to date. The Little Things She Needs comes up with different themes every season to keep you looking fresh and hip. We follow the latest shoe trends and every bling zing!

Laureen Uy was also introduced as TLTSN Ambassador of the Philippines. How cool is that! She truly fits the profile of an It Girl.

I actually met Laureen in Cozy Nail Lounge and was able to chat with her. She's a down to earth girl and she really is sweet. So happy for her for all the good things coming her way.

There was also a contest for bloggers. They were asked to use the accessories of The Little Things She Needs to make their models stand out.

 Team A, B and C's models

 Team B won!
I actually loved the accessories they chose and the styling too!

 Happy 2nd Anniversary to TLTSN!
They are actually celebrating their second year as a brand. :)

This season, we are about color blocking but we like to keep it neutral and sophisticated at the same time. Taupe, Nougat, Light Grey, Deep Teal, Navy, Peach, Purple and Mustard are the colors that will dominate our store. The collection has both a vintage and new-trend feel. Our chunky heels, oxfords and round toe flats are definitely this season's must haves.

Here are my personal picks:

Here are some of our photo booth pictures:

And of course, I was able to take home some goodies too. I'll do a separate post about them. :)

Visit The Little Things She Needs at Ground Floor Citywalk, Eastwood City, Quezon City

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