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Monday, October 31, 2011

National Flawless Day Week 5

Time for another round of promos from Flawless!

Week 5 (October 31-November 4) Forever Young

 Age-Defying Kit (which comes with a complimentary
classic facial)

The Age-Defying Kit is possibly the best anti-aging collection of products available in the market. With quick and easy-to-follow directions, and effective results, the products contained in the kit provide simple anti-aging

Ultra Lift (Megamall branch only)

The only non-invasive treatment with FDA approval for skin tightening via wrinkle treatment. The service stimulates collagen production, which leads to the reduction of fine wrinkles and noticeable lifting of sagging skin.

Nano RF (selected clinics)

The use of radio frequency generates deep heat on the skin surface, increasing local metabolism and shrinking fat cells. Collagen growth is stimulated, leading to a lifting function for saggy skin, the removal of wrinkles, the eradication of eye bags and dark circles, the elimination of a double chin, reduction in cellulite, healing and maintenance for post-liposuction patients, and tightening of the skin.

 Placenta Injectables

Placenta Injectables are known to rejuvenate aging skin. These provide a stimulating effect on cell renewal of the epidermis on the entire body, the formation of new blood vessels, and nerves, thus leading to healthy and young looking skin.

Skin Lift Collagen

This will help decrease visible wrinkles and blemishes by nourishing the body with a healthy supply of collagen to maintain the strength and elasticity of the skin.

In addition, every P1,500 spent at Flawless entitles the client to Pick A Prize. If you’re lucky, you’ll win the Grand Prize, which is a specific Flawless service for absolutely free. Otherwise, you’re entitled to several
other fantastic options like gift certificates or soap.

Hope to see you at Flawless soon – celebrate the countdown in truly youthful style! For inquiries please call 6879118 or 5846807. Like them on Facebook (Flawless Face and Body) and follow on Twitter (MyFlawless)!

Plum Party Makeup

I am a fan of weddings. I love going to weddings and enjoy the ceremony. I remember my husband and I were just talking about it, I told him that I really like listening to the priest/pastor speak and share his thoughts on marriage, and of course the vows. Even the excitement of seeing the bride walk down the aisle and the groom anxiously waiting for her. It just lifts my mood and really makes me teary eyed.

I went to my cousin in law's wedding this month and the wedding was really beautiful. It was held in the afternoon which meant I have time to do my hair and makeup. Since H had to run some errands, I decided to do a video of my makeup. :)

Products Used:

Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream
Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
Loreal True Match Foundation in Golden Beige
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in BO10
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Cream Concealer in Soft Yellow
Fashion 21 Loose Powder #6
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel
NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal
LuLu Makeup Beverly Hills Palette
LuLu Makeup Bronx Duo

Etude House Soft Touch Auto Liner
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
Suesh Lipstick Sealer

Modelco Eyebrow Powder in Dark
MAC Browset in Beguile
LuLu Makeup Madrid Palette
Elianto Eyeshadow (Tan, Brown, Off White)
Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick
LuLu Makeup Gel Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
Glambox Mink Lashes


Would you believe it was my husband who help me with my hairstyle? :) Uh-huh! Not bad right?

Congrats Bill & Sheryl!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit

Hi everyone! I will be on hiatus once again because I will be going out of town with H in celebration for our 2nd wedding anniversary. If you follow me on twitter, you have probably read that it's a 3 part celebration. So this is the third part indeed, we're going out of town. I wish to bring you stories when I come back. :)

But before I go, here's a little something something I drafted to keep you guys entertained. I also uploaded some videos on my youtube channel! :)

I received a gift from my mum- it's the Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit. I was surprised when she gave me this. She said that she asked her friend to buy it in the U.S. because this is not available locally here in the Philippines.

It's got loads of eyeshadows, face and cheek colors and lip shades!

I call this my Transformers kit! Pretty obvious why right? It actually reminds me of LuLu Makeup's Hollywood Palette too.

Here's the first layer of eyeshadows:

 without flash

 with flash

The second layer:

 without flash

 with flash

Honestly, I have only tried the eyeshadows and blush. I was surprised that they were pigmented! I have another palette from VS and I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as pigmented as I hoped it was and so when my mum gave me this makeup kit, I didn't keep my hopes up. When I tried using it, the color payoff is good.

Blush, contour and highlight:

 without flash

 with flash

Lip colors:

 without flash

 with flash

Like what I said, I have only used the eyeshadows and blush for now. But I am quite happy about it. It's pigmented compared to the VS palette that I got before. The only thing that I don't like about the eyeshadows is that it's quite powdery. It doesn't affect the quality but it's too messy. And for the good part, even though it's a little bulky but it's still okay since it houses tons and tons of products.

Here's a review when I used it for a look:


2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers

Monday, October 24, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick in Rose Swatch

Hi everyone! It's another week and I want to start the week with another swatch of my NYX Round lipsticks. I have already posted the first one which is Tea Rose, now it's time to show you Rose.

I love the color. It's a very light red- almost pink than red. It's a good everyday lip shade too if you want a pop of color on your lips. It's slightly sheer compared to Tea Rose and Eros.

Here's a side by side swatch of Eros and Rose:

Eros & Rose

 Rose on my lips

Surprisingly, this is what I have been wearing more often than Tea Rose. Maybe it's just the "mood". Haha! I want to get a matte lip color close to this actually. I think it would look super pretty too. :) 

So that's about it, please stay tuned for my swatch for Eros. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tea Rose, Rose, Eros & Nude Pearl

Okay, my bad. I thought I have already posted this but apparently I haven't. I took a photo of the NYX products that I got from Digital Traincase from the Philippine Cosmetic Expo. It was my first time to buy the famous NYX round lipsticks and I was also given a freebie that day. :)

 NYX Round Lipsticks and Ultra Pearl Mania

I definitely went to the event to buy new lipsticks. That's my current "thing" or obsession nowadays. And when I see the loads and loads of lipsticks from Sol's booth, it's like they were calling my name.

 Rose, Tea Rose, Eros, Nude Pearl

I ended up getting three round lipsticks at P150.00 each.

 Rose, Tea Rose, Eros, Nude Pearl

I will be posting swatches of them separately and will be using them in my FOTDs as well.

(I have already made a vlog about this.
Blog post coming soon.)

 Tea Rose
(Swatches and more details here:

I haven't used this yet. But I love the color!

I also received a freebie. Yey! I got the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Nude Pearl. It's a champagne pigment which I think would look really nice on the inner tearducts or on top of an eyeshadow.

I have already used this and popped it on top of my eyeshadow. It looked really nice and it gave my dull (I didn't like the color of my eyeshadow that much) eyeshadow some life and vibrancy.

So that's about it. Please stay tuned for more swatches of these products. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physicians Formula Talc Free Mineral Wear Mineral Loose Powder

I'm kinda sad that I still haven't been able to edit and upload some vlogs that I have. They're all stored in my computer and I rarely get to use my computer anymore as I'm always mobile. I try to post a blog as much as I could since I don't need to wait a long time for it to upload. However, just like my videos, I do a lot of editting (light editting only) and watermarking. But I love blogging and have fallen in love with vlogging that I want to continue this and I thank all my readers for being very patient with me. :)

As a mineral makeup fan, I love trying out different brands of mineral makeup. My recent mineral powder of choice is Physicians Formula Talc Free Mineral Wear Mineral Loose Powder. It is intended for extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin. The minimalist formula helps reduce irritation and breakout. And it does its job really well.

The Talk on Talc
- Gentle, talc-free, minimalist formula allows skin to breathe.
-Can help minimize the risk of irritation and breakout.
- Eliminates the look of a chalky, dry finish.

Mineral Wear to a Natural Wear
- Minerals such as Mica provide a smooth, "second skin" feel and finish.
- Performance and coverage of a foundation.
- Blendability and natural finish of a loose powder.

A Daily Dose of Vitamins & Minerals
- Derivatives of Vitamins A & E, natural anti-oxidants, help to protect and condition the skin.

I got the shade Buff Beige and the shade is perfect for me. It glides on really smoothly like I have second skin. I love what it gives really good coverage and did you know that it has SPF16 as well? In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV sunscreen. I have been using it everyday because it feels so light on the skin and it doesn't break me out.

I think it's super convenient to use as well as it already comes with a brush. Although I personally use my own Charm Flat Top or Charm Kabuki brush for this. I only use a small amount to cover my face.

Like what I said before I am not a fan of the brush that's included because I feel that it's scratchy. I'm very picky when it comes to brushes. And I feel that it's important that you are happy and comfortable with your brushes before using them on your face.

I do recommend this product to mineral makeup lovers like myself as I am very satisfied with it. It lets your skin breathe but it gives really good coverage. It's also talc free so there's no clogging of pores. By the way, I only use a setting/loose powder to retouch because the coverage that this gives is enough for me.

If you would like to order, I highly recommend Tamera Online. They've got other imported brands as well. So visit their website at to see their catalog. :)

2 out of 3 Schnauzers

Disclaimer: Service given by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flawless Nano Powerpeel

As you all know, I am a supporter of Flawless, mainly because I love their affordable services. I go to Flawless for my regular facials and I also purchased their Lifetime Laser Hair Removal package.

Recently I was able to try their famous Nano Powerpeel. It was part of National Flawless Day Week 1 promo. It was very timely because I needed to get a facial- badly.

I went to SM Megamall branch because that's where I normally go to and it's the largest branch of Flawless.

The products:

After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was led to the facial area.

Before the procedure started, I was asked to sign a waiver. They usually ask for your consent for treatments that are more intense. So if you're going for a facial, I think you there's no waiver anymore.

Excited! ;p

The procedure started with a classic facial. They cleanse the face with a cleansing foam and steam it for a few minutes before the pricking starts. After closing the pores with laser, it was time for my nano peel.

 Result of the classic facial

The machine used looked like a vaccum for the face. It has crystals and aluminum oxide. The crystals are corundum crystals which are very very fine so the pain would be tolerable. It gives a micro peel, exfoliate the skin and whiten it. It also removes dry skin and helps control oiliness.

The pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did feel scratching though and there were times I would make it stop a bit. But overall, I was able to push through it. Haha!

I was told not to expose my skin to the sun and wear sunblock. I also cannot wet my face for 4 hours but decided to not wet it the whole night.

Right after the peel, I thought that my face would start peeling and turn red. Surprisingly I did not peel! Even the day after, no peeling at all. There were a few red areas here and there but they said it's because of the facial (pricking) and not the power peel.

When I touched my skin, I can already feel the difference. I already felt that my skin was very smooth and soft.

 Photo right after my treatments from Flawless
(Ignore the red neck. I'll talk about it on another post.) ;)

Here are photos the day after my power peel. I have to say this was the perfect time for me to judge the result of the powerpeel.

My skin was glowing. It's definitely more radiant looking. :) i would have to say it made my skin just a tad lighter, but not really whiter. I think the lightening effect is because of the dry dead skin that was removed by the power peel.

I am very satisfied and I highly recommend this procedure. As I'm typing this, it's already been a week but my skin is still as good and as nice just like the day after the procedure. :)

I'll post more photos next time, I'll incorporate the 2 procedures I had in one post to show you how I look a day after. :)

You can avail of this service at any branch of Flawless. I'm sure you will be as satisfied as I am. ;)

Disclaimer: Service given by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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