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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lip Product Haul & Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

Like I mentioned, I hauled lip products recently just because I want to. Haha! And I heard good reviews about these products from fellow bloggers. I actually have never tried and owned any product from these brands so I was excited to try them out.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick
& Careline Lipglosses

I am not very sure but I think these two may be sister companies?! As I was looking at testers of the matte lipsticks, the testers of lipglosses were right beside Ever Bilena’s testers.

OT: I actually tried to make a vlog about this and finished recording it, but as I watched myself, I realized I’m still not ready to do vlogs. Haha!

Anyways, for this post, I want to talk about my new Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick which was actually recommended by sister bloggers Andee and Sab. They said that it’s such a very good product so I couldn’t pass it on.

  I got the shade Mauvey.
  The packaging is simple, slick, expensive looking.

Here’s a close up photo of Mauvey:

I chose this lip color because it reminded me so much of my favorite Estee Llauder Pinkberry lipstick. I thought they looked so similar and EB is just a fraction of the price of EL.

Here’s a side by side comparison:

Ever Bilena & Estee Llauder

Mauvey & Pinkberry

Obviously, Pinkberry is tad darker than Mauvey. But they’re pretty similar. Also, Pinkberry has shimmers while Mauvey is all matte.

with flash
top- Pinkberry
bottom- Mauvey

without flash
top- Pinkberry
bottom- Mauvey

I am in love with the shade, again because it looks like Pinkberry. It looks like a nude lipstick with pink undertone and that works really well on me. The pink undertone helps me  and gives me more color. With super nude lippies, I honestly look sick.

I gotta say I love that it’s really long lasting. I think that if you’re looking for that matte lipstick, this is a good product! On the other side, what I don’t like about it is it doesn’t glide smoothly and it’s a little drying. Maybe because it’s matte?! But yeah, I kinda have a hard time applying it because it’s dry. So I would normally put gloss on top of it to give my lips a little moisture.

with flash
 without flash


without flash:
top left- Pinkberry
bottom right- Mauvey

with flash:
top left- Pinkberry
bottom right- Mauvey

So what do you think? I’ve worn this a couple of times but just haven’t taken photos of them but I’ll definitely do so really soon so I can share them with you. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Today!

I decided to stay home today and rest and I realized that the Royal Wedding is today! Weee! I can’t wait to watch. I hope I find a good channel that covers the wedding. :)


I remember my wedding day. I was just happy the whole time. I can’t say that everything went perfectly, since we also had some technical problems that day. But it was perfect because I married the man of my dreams.

I do feel like Kate’s life is such a fairy tale dreaming of marrying her Prince Charming and now, she really is about to marry her Prince Charming, Prince William. :) I do feel their love story is such an inspiration. Not necessarily to marry a prince but to marry your soulmate.

I can’t wait to watch the wedding. Can’t wait to see Kate in her gown and just see and witness that loving moment of these two. Aawww I feel happy. :) Hihi!

Prince_William_Kate_Middleton_Dec13_32-200x300 My favorite photo of Prince William & Princess Kate.

So I watched the whole thing from 4pm-9pm. Haha! It was so romantic. I was so excited to see Kate in her wedding gown. Her gown was so similar to that of Grace Kelly. It was so elegant.
Picture 19
Kate Middleton picked a breathtaking Alexander McQueen gown for her royal wedding dress. Kate, who is now Princess Catherine — or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — arrived at Westminster Abbey just minutes ago and walked down the aisle to meet her groom, Prince William. The gorgeous bride stunned in an English and French Chantilly lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. She wore ivory duchesse satin shoes that were also handmade by the team at McQueen. Kate accessorized the custom look with a silk tulle veil and a Cartier tiara, which was lent to Kate by the queen. The bride wore diamond earrings, a gift from her parents, by Robinson Pelham, which were inspired by the Middleton family's new coat of arms. She carried a bouquet of myrtle, lily of the valley, sweet william, and hyacinth, all of which hold significance to the royal family and the Middleton family.


Prince William looked handsome in this photo.


When Kate met Prince William at the altar, he whispered to her "you look beautiful". How romantic!


Look at their smiles, look at how happy they are!


And of course, their first kiss in the balcony- just like Prince Charles and Princess Diana.


My twitter account is full of OMG's about the wedding. Haha! I had goosebumps. I loved every minute of it. It feels so good that dreams do come true.

May they live happily ever after. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shake Your Bonbon Pink

Out of the loop lately. Missed me? Well I definitely missed blogging but there’s just so many things going on at the moment, I’m definitely to share with you soon. So please bear with me and do backreads first. :p I do hope to give you regular blogging though. This is my form of distressing.

As promised and a lot have been asking for swatches of Maybelline’s Bonbon Pink.

I would say that this is one of the “truest pink lipsticks” I have. If you’re looking for a real pink lippie, Bonbon Pink is definitely what you’re after.

I remember my whole pink phase which I think I was able to document here. There was a time that I was just so obsessed with pink lippies. I didn’t wear red, corals or peach but just pink! Haha! And now I think I’m going back because of Bonbon Pink. :)

Again, I love Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks because they are very buildable.


2 swipes

This is how I normally wear my lip colors.
With 2 swipes.

3 swipes
  Very pink!!!

I alternate this with my Coral Sunrise lipshade because that’s my current fave for the summer. But this Bonbon Pink is just too cute. I can imagine wearing it with smokey eyes. Rockstar!!!

I wonder how many swipes of lipstick do you wear?

Disclaimer: Product given by the company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Health Spa

Hi everyone! My week started really happily and I’m loving what April is all about. :) I hope you’re all having the same good fortune as I am.

Honestly, I have so many lip products to review. I’ve done a huge haul on them recently but I’ll do those next time. For now, I want to focus on another favorite of mine, spas! ;)

My husband just celebrated his birthday early this month and we decided to go and visit our favorite spa place- Family Health Spa.

I’ve actually talked about them before since we have bee visiting this place for a long time. Moreover, they’ve already undergone some renovations and they now offer more services!

Reception area

  All clients get to choose a glass of juice, tea or coffee

We decided to get Foot & Back massage which is what we normally get but I chose to stay in the “bed” because I wanted to lie down since I feel that it’s more relaxing. Price is around P600, I forgot to take note of it. :(

The beds were soooo comfortable and the rooms smell really clean. It’s such an important factor when choosing a spa. And Family Health Spa is truly a clean place.

What I love most about the bed? The hole for the face. It’s the perfect size. I have gone to so many spas and the holes are usually too small. Family’s was perfect and it made me more relaxed because my head was supported properly.

The rooms are actually a big common room but they are divided with curtains.



our door

They have a drawer so you can store your things inside.

Since we chose beds instead of lazy boys, H was worried how the therapists will massage the feet. Apparently Family already has their strategy on that. We were asked to lie near the edge of the bed first while the feet is being soaked and after, we would just move upwards so the therapists can do the massage while we’re lying in our beds.

I asked to first get my back massage before foot massage because I wanted to save the best for last. Hehe! The back massage was so good. I honestly couldn’t help but doze off. As usual I asked to use oil for the massage. The hole for the face helped me relax even more because I knew where exactly I’ll put my face in. Haha! The back massage was 30 minutes long. After which, I was asked to lie on my back for my foot massage.

For the foot massage, Family Health Spa uses long strokes in massaging the feet. And since I’ve already mentioned that Family is my favorite spa  and I love foot massages so much, you’re sure that their foot massage is truly amazing! :) The therapists use their hands and bamboo/wooden sticks to massage and release tension from the feet. The foot massage lasts for an hour. And after, I’m solved. I normally sleep during the whole process and I was surprised that this time, H slept through it too. He usually never sleeps during foot massage because he finds it too hard. But this time was different. I guess his therapist found his perfect pressure points.

After our session, we napped a little longer and I decided to take more photos to show you.

This is the other room for foot massages.

In this room, you get to watch some tv.

Very comfy too!

After the massage, my back felt less tense, my feet more functional- haha!, my head so much better. I asked H how his massage was too and he said that it was just what he needed.

Honestly, I still haven’t found another spa that’s as clean and as good as Family Health Spa (except for Happy Wealthy Spa- I like their foot massage too). I haven't tried using their wet floor though. But anyways, they’re reasonably priced, plus now that they have these perfect beds, I guess we’ll be going there more often just like before. :)

What’s your favorite spa? Share it with me! I’d love to try more. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maybelline Colorsensational in Coral Sunrise

Oh wow, it’s starting to get really hot now. Too hot that I wake up in the morning sweating even though we have the aircon on the whole night.


Well as promised, here are some photos of me using my new Maybelline lipstick. The shade that I’m wearing is Coral Sunrise. It’s actually my summer lip color. It’s orange red with gold undertone so it’s perfect!



Some photos, I’ve been sporting this color almost everyday. :) What do you think? Doesn’t it look nice? I am actually thing of doing a summer look or bronzed fotd and of course I’ll be wearing this shade too.


As usual, it’s still moisturizing and is very buildable. That’s what I love most about Maybelline’s Colorsensational line.

 with flash

Two-three swipes


without flash

Sheer layer


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for Bonbon Pink’s also. :) How about you? Have you tried this shade too? Share your photos!


Disclaimer: Product given by the company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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