Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit

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Hi everyone! I will be on hiatus once again because I will be going out of town with H in celebration for our 2nd wedding anniversary. If you follow me on twitter, you have probably read that it's a 3 part celebration. So this is the third part indeed, we're going out of town. I wish to bring you stories when I come back. :)

But before I go, here's a little something something I drafted to keep you guys entertained. I also uploaded some videos on my youtube channel! :)

I received a gift from my mum- it's the Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit. I was surprised when she gave me this. She said that she asked her friend to buy it in the U.S. because this is not available locally here in the Philippines.

It's got loads of eyeshadows, face and cheek colors and lip shades!

I call this my Transformers kit! Pretty obvious why right? It actually reminds me of LuLu Makeup's Hollywood Palette too.

Here's the first layer of eyeshadows:

 without flash

 with flash

The second layer:

 without flash

 with flash

Honestly, I have only tried the eyeshadows and blush. I was surprised that they were pigmented! I have another palette from VS and I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as pigmented as I hoped it was and so when my mum gave me this makeup kit, I didn't keep my hopes up. When I tried using it, the color payoff is good.

Blush, contour and highlight:

 without flash

 with flash

Lip colors:

 without flash

 with flash

Like what I said, I have only used the eyeshadows and blush for now. But I am quite happy about it. It's pigmented compared to the VS palette that I got before. The only thing that I don't like about the eyeshadows is that it's quite powdery. It doesn't affect the quality but it's too messy. And for the good part, even though it's a little bulky but it's still okay since it houses tons and tons of products.

Here's a review when I used it for a look:


2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers

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  1. oh wow, the colours in the set is nice (: like the blush colours!!

    CMPang x

  2. I've already used the eyeshadows and they give good pigmentation. Must try the blush next! :)


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