TinyPinkBow BR8 Pink Shoe

The first time I saw this bracelet was in Twitter since the owner, Kat (who also blogs btw), was one of the persons I follow. I thought that it looked super cute and I tweeted that it was indeed adorable. I was surprised when Kat of www.tinypinkbow.multiply.com contacted me and said that she wanted to send me this bracelet. Of course I said yes right away.

 BR8 Pink Shoe

 SRP: P130.00

From what I know the charms are all drawn and made by the artistic Kat of TinyPinkBow. Don't you just agree that the shoe charm is so cute? :)

Here it is when worn:

Kat sent me a pouch too for storage:

Like I mentioned in the video, the reason why I just fell in love with it completely is because I feel that it fits my personality. It's simple yet super adorable.

Go ahead and visit their online shop at http://www.tinypinkbow.multiply.com. You can customize your own bracelet too wiith your choice of charms. :) I'm sure you'd enjoy picking out your favorites! :)

Disclaimer: Product sent by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.



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